Why Did Carl Azuz Leave CNN 10? What Happens With Him?

Everyone freaked out after the beloved host of CNN’s student show left. For millions of students, Carl Azuz has been the news’ public face for more than ten years.

For the past 14 years, CNN 10 host Carl Azuz has been a source of joy for millions of children and educators. With the news program broadcast daily on YouTube, he taught youngsters while being well-known for his passion and love of puns. However, a new host showed up this academic year, and people became alarmed.

“IS CARL AZUZ DEAD??????????” one user tweeted last month. “Carl Azuz not being on CNN10 is worse than the queen dying,” another wrote. Fans have posted about how “shattered” and “devastated” they are.

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Middle and high school teachers typically gather the class around a screen to watch the 10-minute news program, typically during history class. Azuz is a “classroom mainstay” for Cheryl Anne Amendola’s students, a history teacher from New Jersey told BuzzFeed News.

Why did Carl Azuz leave CNN 10
Why did Carl Azuz leave CNN 10

“Having a dad in your classroom is like that. Or Mr. Rogers,” she added. They were upset over his departure. We were genuinely concerned for his well-being.

Before the CNN 10 summer vacation, Azuz last shot an episode in May. In a statement that was printed in the show’s newsletter on September 18, CNN disclosed his departure. Azuz quit the network due to a “personal decision,” a network spokeswoman told BuzzFeed News.

Kasie Hunt, an American who works for CNN as a political reporter, has been said to be pregnant. Fans want to know if the rumors about Kasie Hunt being pregnant are true.

Azuz declined to talk to BuzzFeed News about the reasons behind his leaving, but he did say that he was startled by the outpouring of support from teenage viewers. “The response has floored me,” he said. “It blew my mind.”


Fans on TikTok mocked Azuz’s replacement with anchor and former NFL player Coy Wire, referring to the new host as if they were displeased, ex-lovers. Social media is flooded with tributes to Azuz, including a light-up hat that reads “Fridays are fantastic,” a plant with a cutout of his face attached to it, and clever remarks. Even Azuz fancams have been posted on TikTok as if he were a pop star.
In middle school, Dallas Bender, a 17-year-old from Pennsylvania, said that one of the highlights of his day was watching Azuz’s show.
He said, “Carl was always an inspiration to me. “Because Carl was hilarious and made every day exciting, I began to look up to him. I continued to watch CNN 10 throughout my time in high school to see what he would discuss.
Azuz began working at CNN two days after receiving his undergraduate degree 23 years ago. He worked as a writer and producer for a while before taking over as the anchor of CNN 10 (formerly known as CNN Student News) in 2008. He grew so well-liked during building tours in Atlanta as the show’s popularity and internet presence increased over time that his coworkers began calling him “Justin Bieber” in jest.
According to history teacher Jonathan Burdick, Azuz has always been a student highlight of the day, “like LeVar Burton, but with the news. Unmatchable.”
In addition to making news approachable and entertaining for young people, Azuz has established himself as an icon, the “undisputed GOAT,” and a “legend,” according to his internet supporters. How does he do it in a world when brands struggle to connect with young people?

He claimed that his honesty is what makes him so endearing to people.

“Young people are so excellent at recognizing attempts at coolness. I don’t,” he declared. “I’m nerdy when I go on air. I’m a punster. I’m not attempting to be an upscale newscaster.” They recognize that. Azuz has changed how Samantha Olson, a 23-year-old editorial assistant at Seventeen magazine, thinks about journalism. She told BuzzFeed News.

She remarked, “Carl’s method has motivated me to strip down crucial aspects while adhering to the Gen Z voice.” The puns were also so awful they were funny. They are offensive with puns, Azuz said to BuzzFeed News. Intended pun. Puns are always meant.

Azuz stated that he is dedicated to providing objective news and will never “influence” anyone, which is odd given that he is just becoming more and more of a TikTok influencer.

According to social media data tracker Social Blade, he has garnered more than 250,000 followers in the past month. He also intends to continue producing stuff for the fans. He added, “I miss them too. I never want them to believe that I have given up on them.”

Final Lines:

Carl Azuz leaves CNN10, leaving everyone to wonder what happened to him. On the other hand, several rumors are going around the Internet that Carl Azuz has died. What’s going on? As the anchor of this network, Carl Azuz has gotten a lot of attention.

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