What’s Next For Creator-Focused Firms After Venture Boom Is Over?

Equity is a podcast on the business of startups, where we explain the mathematics and depth behind the headlines. On Wednesdays, we focus on a narrower topic, pose a question about it, and then explain the rest of the show. Here you will read details relating to What is next for creator-focused firms after the venture boom is over?

This week, Alex wanted to know how the platforms are adapting to the changing landscape of content creators.

Fortunately, Alex wasn’t on her own this time; TechCrunch’s own Amanda Silberling joined the show — not for the first time! — to help us dissect some pressing issues:

  • Where do creators fit into today’s market?
  • How did we end up here from the boom years of creator-centered venture agreements in 2020 and 2021?
  • In this day and age, what do creator-centric platforms prioritize?

Finally, what current opportunities exist for artists in light of our knowledge of the market?

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Part of the inspiration for the episode came from our research, such as this recent analysis of how much money businesses that specifically target creators have raised in the last few months. (What else is going on?) Patreon, Substack, and the like!)

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