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How To Fix Overwatch 2 LC 208 Errors?

How To Fix Overwatch 2 LC 208 Errors

How To Fix Overwatch 2 LC 208 Errors

One of the many hurdles players must overcome in order to get their hands on Blizzard’s highly anticipated hero shooter Overwatch 2 is learning how to solve the LC 208 errors.

The main problem was a Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on the Blizzard servers on October 4, which prevented the early release of the game.

This occurs when attackers flood a target’s server with numerous requests at once. This causes servers to get overloaded and crash, which in turn causes websites to go offline.

Because of the sheer volume of gamers trying to log in, the “Disconnected from Game Server (LC-208)” problem has also made an unwelcome coding appearance. This is a major issue with the release of highly anticipated online games, but it’s not cricket to force players to log out after only an hour or two of play.

A remedy for this problem should be released soon, while the DDoS attack may also be at fault. Arron Keller, the director of Overwatch 2, took to Twitter at 5:30 a.m. BST on October 5 to complain about the ongoing DDoS attacks.

We are making steady progress on server difficulties and stability, and we are also overcoming a second DDoS attack. This night’s effort will require the participation of everyone here, and it will not be interrupted. Please be patient as we gather additional information to share with you.

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In case problems persist after server maintenance has been completed, here are a few workarounds to try:

Switch Your Domain Name System Settings

There are a large number of players who alter their DNS settings from what their service provider typically uses. Thousands of online gamers rely on OpenDNS or Google DNS addresses because of their speedier load times. This may also fix the Overwatch 2 LC-208 problem.

Try Powering It Down and Back Up

The internet’s most infuriating piece of guidance is back with more terrible suggestions for fixing the LC-208 problem in Overwatch 2. Routing devices and gaming consoles can be reset or given a power cycle to clear any stale data that could be causing problems and start over.

The most effective method for this is to power down the device as usual and then remove the plug from the wall outlet. Wait up to a minute, and then reconnect and turn them back on.

We’ll update this article if we learn of any other viable solutions, but it appears that Blizzard is responsible for fixing the underlying server issue.

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