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Is CNN Reporter Kasie Hunt Expecting A Child Soon?

Is Kasie Hunt Pregnant

Is Kasie Hunt Pregnant

American political reporter Kasie Hunt, who works for CNN, has been rumoured to be expecting. Given the pregnancy rumours, her admirers want to know if Kasie Hunt is indeed expecting. You can find out here if Kasie Hunt is pregnant or not? Is she expecting any child? Read the full article you can find many interesting details relating to Kasie Hunt here.

Who Is Kasie Hunt?

CNN’s American political correspondent is Kasie Hunt. From 2013 until 2021, she served as a Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC News. She was the go-to congressional reporter for NBC Nightly News and MSNBC’s Way Too Early with Kasie Hunt and Kasie DC.

Who Is Kasie Hunt’s Husband?

Kasie Hunt’s husband, Matthew Mario Rivera, is a well-known actor. He works as an anchor, producer, and adjunct professor. His status as Kasie’s husband catapulted him to Internet stardom. Prolific American producer, reporter, and adjunct lecturer at New York University, Matthew Mario Rivera has done it all.

Because he is married to the beautiful American newscaster Kasie Hunt of NBC, he has gained widespread notoriety. New York is the location of his birth on May 24, 1982. He’s 38 years old right now.

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Is Kasie Hunt Pregnant? Is She Expecting a Child?

Despite widespread fan speculation to the contrary, Kasie Hunt is not expecting a child at this time. However, it is reported to be nothing more than a rumour, as Kasie has not confirmed the pregnancy rumours.

Her husband, NBC News Producer Matt Riveria, is her partner in life and love. In 2019, Kasie gave birth to her first child. The father chose the name Mars, and the mother went with it. She gained weight during her pregnancy in 2019, and she was a target of online harassment. Many reporters and fans applauded her for standing up to the troll.

In 2022, How Much Money Does MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt Make?

Kasie Hunt

Kasie Hunt, a prominent MSNBC reporter who reportedly pulls in $250,000 a year, ranks among the highest-paid journalists in the world, per FactsBuddy. In January of 2013, Hunt became an off-air reporter and producer for NBC News, specialising in covering Congress and politics.

She started out as a political reporter for MSNBC and was later elevated to a political correspondent that same year. Hunt’s first job in the media was as an intern in the politics department at NBC News.

To cover the passage of the Affordable Care Act, she was employed as a health policy correspondent for CongressDaily at National Journal.

Kasie Hunt’s Married Life

On May 6, 2017, Kasie Hunt and Matt Rivera tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony. Their wedding in Virginia’s Shenandoah Woods was intimate, with just close relatives and friends in attendance.

Mars, their firstborn son, was born in September 2019. When Mathew joined NBC News in 2022, they finally crossed paths in Washington. They started off as friends, but their relationship blossomed into something more romantic over time.

After Rivera finished at NYU, he was quickly employed as a video journalist. Starting in 2004, he has worked for both The Wall Street Journal and NBC. Between the years 2005 and 2007, he was a video journalist for three different networks: Career TV, Titan TV, and Fast Company.

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