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LEVVELS Inc. Introduces MOMENTICA Future of Fandom Engagement Via Digital Collectibles

MOMENTICA Future of Fandom Engagement via Digital Collectibles

MOMENTICA Future of Fandom Engagement via Digital Collectibles

The novel platform’s collectible moments of favorite artists push the limits of K-Pop fandom. Collectibles can be stored in a secure and eco-friendly manner thanks to blockchain technology.

Promotional giveaway of digital collectible TAKETM begins at 12 p.m. KST on Wednesday, October 5 at the MOMENTICA Event site in Seoul, South Korea (Seoul, South Korea, October 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/) — Today, LEVVELS Inc. unveiled MOMENTICA, its flagship platform for fan-artist engagement that is based on scalable blockchain technology.

MOMENTICA’s TAKETM photo and video digital collectibles are truly one-of-a-kind. These mementos are perfect for music lovers to add their own personal touches to as they collect, browse, and display. Fans of SEVENTEEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN and LE SSERAFIM can get their hands on the first digital collectible from these five top K-Pop groups for free on Wednesday, October 5 as part of MOMENTICA’s pre-registration event promotion.

MOMENTICA Future of Fandom Engagement via Digital Collectibles

By mid-October, the service will be available to the public for use.

According to LEVVELS Inc. COO Ryan Jang, “K-pop fans across the globe are known for their sophisticated use of technology in their everyday communication within their fan communities.”

“We’re psyched to introduce a cutting-edge digital experience that will revolutionize the way devoted followers of popular musicians can honor the finest moments in the careers of their heroes through the medium of modern technology in honor of their fervent devotion. Our goal is to constantly improve the fan experience so we’ll keep improving and adding to our services and making sure the UI is as straightforward and simple as possible.”

A Digital Hub for Participation by Fans

MOMENTICA is a novel platform where fans can collect original and one-of-a-kind digital collectibles of their favorite artists. The site provides a secure environment in which fans can store and peruse their digital collectibles.

The initial focus of the service will be on facilitating the acquisition and possession of collectibles with subsequent updates adding functionality for trading and customizing these items. MOMENTICA is working on updating and enhancing the service while also introducing new ideas for digital collectibles.

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Taking Pride in the Little Things

TAKETM are exclusive digital collectibles available only on the MOMENTICA platform. These exclusive digital collectibles represent never-before-seen performances from your favorite artists. A TAKETM pack contains three images or videos that highlight pivotal moments from live performances by a variety of artists.

These moments can be viewed in the still image (Frame) or moving image (Scene) formats. At the official launch of the service, fans will be able to choose between two categories of TAKE™️, Original and Special. Autographs, voice recordings and handwritten notes from the artists are all part of the Special package.

Responsible Innovation for the Planet

MOMENTICA is built on cutting-edge blockchain technology that is also environmentally friendly. All TAKETM pieces are recorded on the company’s private LEVVELS Blockchain which is based on the blockchain service platform Luniverse and is hosted in the cloud to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Lambda256, a Korean blockchain and fintech company is responsible for creating and running Luniverse. It is 30 million times more energy efficient than Ethereum and is a member of the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA).

DNV, an independent global energy expert and assurance provider has verified that Luniverse’s annual carbon emissions are 1.1 tCO2-eq, which is the same as the annual energy use of 0.139 homes (US EPA).

Compared to Ethereum which causes 38 million tCO2-eq of carbon emissions annually—enough to power 4,787,000 average American homes for a year—this is a significant improvement (US EPA).

MOMENTICA’s Big Night Out Begins This Wednesday

MOMENTICA pre-registration will begin on October 5 at 12 p.m. KST for fans all over the world. Fans who attend the launch event and complete the associated quizzes will receive exclusive digital collectibles representing the featured artists and MOMENTICA.

MOMENTICA Future of Fandom Engagement via Digital Collectibles

The Los Angeles-based company LEVVELS Inc. runs a secure platform to provide blockchain-based projects for communities and creators all over the world. Dunamu, a global leader in blockchain and fintech and HYBE, a global leader in the entertainment lifestyle platform industry that houses major record labels have joined forces to form this company.

LEVVELS was launched in January of 2022 with the intention of improving the fandom experience via the use of blockchain technology, specifically Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

MOMENTICA Future of Fandom Engagement via Digital Collectibles

LEVVELS’s mission is to create a new and exciting online playground culture where fans all over the world can celebrate and communicate with their favorite celebrities, artists and creators by combining the world-leading blockchain technology of Dunamu with the powerful intellectual properties (IPs) of HYBE.

The company has as one of its primary goals the curation and provision of transformative experiences made possible by cutting-edge technology and with the express purpose of empowering fandoms.

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