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Competitive Mode In Overwatch 2 Has Been Revamped

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 will put a strong emphasis on competitive play, thus it comes as no surprise that Blizzard is revamping the game’s main mode to make it more enjoyable. On Wednesday, Blizzard detailed many of the upcoming modifications to Competitive in preparation for the game’s imminent launch. These changes include new skill-tier divisions, new prerequisites to unlocking ranked, a more complex scoreboard, and many others.

Blizzard reaffirmed that new players must win 50 fast play matches and complete the “first-time user experience” before gaining access to Competitive play in Overwatch 2. This will ensure that all ranking players have the necessary experience and prevent newcomers from being thrown into the deep end unprepared. Those that played the first Overwatch and earned ranks will be able to jump right back into Competitive mode.

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Rankings in Overwatch 2’s Competitive mode will be tracked in a significantly different way than in the original. Overwatch 2’s skill tiers will be more nuanced than the original game’s, with divisions starting at level 5 and going all the way down to level 1 before players proceed to the next tier. As an added downside, gamers won’t be able to monitor their improvement from session to session. Blizzard, on the other hand, will only show these shifts in ranking every seven wins or 20 losses.

Overwatch 2 Players

In addition to these large-scale alterations, Overwatch 2’s Competitive mode is also receiving a number of smaller quality-of-life upgrades, such as refined post-match reports and stat monitoring. In Overwatch 2, even portrait levels have been discarded in favor of Battle Pass ones.

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