Nadia Responds As Censor Threatens To Disclose Warzone Hackers and Leaks DMs

After aspiring Call of Duty League pro-Doug’ Censor’ Martin threatened to expose Twitch streamer Nadia Amine for hacking in Warzone and published DMs between the two, Nadia fired back.

Although she insists that she isn’t cheating, Nadia has become one of the most recognizable figures in Warzone due to the numerous hacking allegations leveled against her.

This has infuriated her attackers, who have propagated the falsehood that Nadia was kicked out of the COD Next tournament for cheating when in reality, the streamer who made the joke was just trying to get a rise out of Nadia.

With that said, Censor has begun exposing every hacker in Call of Duty in an effort to maintain his position at the top of the Vanguard ranking leaderboards, and he has Nadia in his sights when she wrote a tweet about it on September 27.

Doug outed a few of Vanguard-level hackers, but he claims his friend’s hacking-hunting software isn’t currently accessible to Warzone cheaters. But it hasn’t prevented him from claiming on September 27 that Nadia assured him over DM that she never cheats on him.

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“I said ‘Look, I don’t care what you say to me,” claimed Censor. “‘If you’re not cheating, I will know. If you’re cheating, I will know. I’m inevitable.’”

After she watched the aforementioned tape, she wrote him a direct message in which she called him “strange” for what he stated and insisted that this was not the actual sequence of events.

He shared a screenshot of the direct messages and wrote that they “p**sed him off,” adding that he “had no agenda” in the matter.

The DMs read: “Why are you being weird that’s not what happened? I DM’ed you because someone sent me a message saying you were going to frame me. I hope whatever clicks you get [tonight] or whenever the expose party makes you as relevant as you pray to be.”

After receiving a very direct response from Censor, Nadia showed him screenshots of her original message. Although we didn’t discuss the matter anymore, Censor has stated on multiple occasions that he will release a video on September 30.

It’s unclear whether Censor has been successful in uncovering evidence that Nadia cheats or has cheated in Warzone; she insists that she doesn’t, and Censor claims he doesn’t give a hoot either way.

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