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CBS Screens Ghosts Season 2 In Empty Theatres For Non-Living Fans Only

Ghost Season 2

Ghost Season 2

Television theatres around the country will be showing the Ghost Season 2 premiere on CBS, and you won’t be there. Unless, of course, you’re already out of commission.

The season premiere of “Ghosts” is being shown at midnight in Los Angeles, Savannah, Georgia, and Portland, Oregon as part of a publicity stunt for the Thursday premiere of the return of the hit Eye comedy, but no one seems to care. CBS, however, isn’t concerned with pleasing the living and instead has extended an invitation to actual spirits to tune in.

CBS’s chief marketing officer, Mike Benson, adds that the company is leveraging social media and other mediums and people to encourage the dead to watch the show in theatres.

And that’s exactly what’s happening in Los Angeles, where theatres including the El Rey, Wiltern, Fonda, Orpheum, and Million Dollar are airing the episode late at night after changing the marquees (most of which are classic L.A. theatre haunts built in the early 20th century and most assuredly already have a few ghosts living there). The Trustees Theater will be showing the film in Savannah, while Cinema 21 will show it in Portland.

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Benson remarked that theatres appreciate this phenomenon because it draws customers during periods when they aren’t competing with live shows. “They also value the fact that there is almost no damage to their structures. Low operating expenses are a major selling point. There is also a lack of concessions, which is a drawback.

Naturally, CBS is covering the cost of the theatre rental in the event that any ghosts decide to make an appearance. Benson elaborated, “I haven’t heard a lot of feedback yet, we understand it’s hard to obtain the data around the attendance because there’s no real method to track it.” So, mediums and word of mouth are the only ways to follow its trail. Nonetheless, the feedback we’ve received from the dead is overwhelmingly positive.

Benson said that the notion originated with his group. He explained that the show’s uniqueness stemmed from the fact that it was created by the cast members themselves. We’re doing it, and it’s exciting for us. Simply said, we find it hilarious. …if you’ll excuse the pun, it fits the tone of the show.

On Thursday, September 29 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS, “Ghosts” will reappear for those who are unable to see it in theatres.

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