Who Is Craig Turner? How He Died at 59?

Tina Turner, all you are aware very well of is this name if you have seen a documentary published on HBO named Tina. Tina Turner a grammy award winner musician life and her most awkward movement of her about her son’s death is also described here. So to know more about Tina and her lovely son Craig’s death read this post fully.

Who Is Tina Turner?

Tina was born Anna Mae Bullock and enters school after a long break because of world war II. Her mother left them lonely in 1950 and her father married again. She completes her graduation from Sumner High School. Tina’s profession mainly is singing but an actress as well.

Ike Turner launched her in his “Boxtop” song and “A Foot in Love” is sung by herself. As it was her first song It’s Gonna Work Out Fine“, “River Deep – Mountain High”, “Proud Mary”, and “Nutbush City Limits” are her best songs with Ike.

In 1984, her first album “Private Dancer” was released and you can imagine its popularity it won Grammy Award and placed one rank on Billboard hot 100. In her music career, she made many records and then enters on-screen acting.

Tommy (1975), Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985), Last Action Hero (1993), and What’s Love Got to Do with It is the movies you can see Tina. She also performed herself in her autobiography I, Tina: My Life Story in 2009.

 In her personal life, she has two sons Craig Raymond Turner and Ronald Renelle Turner. Craig was born in 1958 when she was just 18 years, in Raymond Hills but later Ike turner adopted him.

How Craig Died?

“I still don’t know what took him to the edge, because at that stage he had said to me that he had never met a woman that he felt that way about,” she said.

Regrettably, Craig Turner died in 2018, the reason is not disclosed yet. As his death seems to be a suicide attempt. Craig worked in real estate in California and he get a new job at that time. A new partner he find also, but I really don’t know how it happened. 

“I still don’t know what took him to the edge, because at that stage he had said to me that he had never met a woman that he felt that way about,” she said. “He was bringing her to meet me [for] his birthday in August. He had decorated his apartment, which I bought him years ago. He had gotten a new job with a prominent real estate company in California, [which] he was very happy with.”

Tina continued: “I have no idea what pulled him down, except something that followed him with loneliness. I think it was something about being alone. But when I think that, why didn’t he call the new girlfriend that gave him the lift?”

Tina said, to Craig “He was an introverted person, he was very shy, so I didn’t know either, except now when I listen back to our last conversations, I notice a change. The last few times we talked, the conversations were different, and I didn’t know that until after the suicide.”

“I think Craig was lonely, that’s what I think really got him more than anything else,” she said. “I have pictures all around of him smiling, and I think I’m sensing that he’s in a good place. I really do.”

At the time of Craig’s death, he was 59 and her mother said that she also replace her son’s kidney and he is better than her. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m happier than I ever thought that life would become for me,” said Turner.

Versatile singer Tina Turner’s loving son Craig Turner attempted suicide at 59. Authorities confirm his death news as they find him in a critical situation at his home in Studio City. At the same time, Tina was best to attend the fashion week event in Paris, when she come to know about it, she was shocked.

Craig was Tina’s elder son from her boyfriend Raymond but after he married Ike, they turned his name to Craige Turner. With Rodeo, he worked as a retailer in Studio City, he connected with some organizations. 

According to his mother, he always tensed because of Tina and Ike’s relationship. Actually, Ike abused Tina, and from his childhood, it affected him a lot. She said that she “was a very emotional kid.” “He’d always look down in sadness,” “One day when Ike was fighting me, Craig knocked on the door and said, ‘Mother, are you all right?’ I thought, ‘Oh, please, don’t beat me at home.’ I didn’t want my children to hear.”

Craige has a sibling Ronnie Turner, who is a singer. After completing his education he starts working and no other details about Craig are available on social media. If we get other updates we will inform you soon. Hope like this post.

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