Does Max Died In The Final Episode of “In The Dark Season 4”?

In The Dark Season 4 comes to its conclusion after surprising ups and downs. It is also known as CW’s crime thriller. As the fourth season opens Morphy appeared in jail after the season 3 final episode, and she again finds herself in problems.

Now at the end of the season, Max becomes a topic of discussion, is he dead or not? To confirm everything read this article completely.

What Happened with Max?

Regrately we have to say that your favorite character Max died. Yes, friends, he died in one episode before the finale. According to audience interest, it seems that Max’s death is one of the bad decisions of the filmmakers.

He dies after being shot while he helps Murphy from the elevator, as he is concentrating on her someone shot him. In front of Murphy, he died which is absolutely a sad thing for Murphy.

But you can say that Josh is responsible for his death, if he takes any action Max may be alive. Now they start dreaming to live together peacefully away from everyone, but unfortunately not happened. Max’s death surprised all the viewers, as they had never thought about that. What next, is Murphy dying without her partner, or has she moved on?

Does Murphy Kill Josh In The Dark Season 4 Final Episode?

Does Max die in the dark season 4
Does Max Died In the Final Episode of In The Dark Season 4?

Murphy loved Max and when she saw him dying she broke internally because her life get finished before starting. At Max’s burial, she vowed to find out the killer and finished them. At that time nobody convinced her not to do something like that as she committed. Because she lost her beloved, she is angry and only revenge could her calm down.

Later she understands that the call is the reason for Max’s death was done by Josh, but why? And Murphy planned to kill Josh. To kill someone is not a new thing for Murphy. She entered Josh’s flat at midnight to murder him but unfortunately, Josh escaped himself and run away.

Felix helps Murphy to find his location, and she finds him in Missouri. And they both catch him there, Josh this time also run away but is not successful. Because they tie him in his cabin. Now Felix wants that Murphy changes her mind as he tries to understand her not to kill Josh.

But she attacks Josh, to see the situation Felix through a towel on her and left her with a knife.  Finally, Murphy killed Josh thrice attacked with a knife, and left the knife there No she change her cloth in a nearby place and remove blood stains from her body.

Does Murphy go to jail In the Dark?

Now what are you think about Murphy’s future, is she went jail?  Yes, friends Murphy go to jail but not for that reason I thought. Not for killing Josh, another enemy she murdered. But she never stays Jain for a long time in season 4. She faced some health issues and she made free.

Now what happened with Murphy, is she moved on with her best friend Felix? Hope you have an idea of what happened next. Murphy lost her only boyfriend and now feels lonely. As we get other updates regarding the show, we will update you soon. Stay tuned with us for more updates like this.

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