Square Launches Tap To Pay On iPhone Support: Here’s How It Works

Tap to Pay for iPhone was released today for Square’s millions of sellers in the U.S. Tap to Pay on iPhone is part of the Square Point of Sale iOS app. It lets sellers of all sizes accept contactless payments directly from their iPhones, without needing to buy any extra hardware or pay any extra fees.

Tap to Pay on iPhone is a service from Square that makes it easier for both new and established businesses to do business in person. Any Square merchant with an iPhone that works with the Square POS app can accept contactless payments by opening the app, ringing up the sale, and giving the buyer their iPhone. The buyer pays by tapping a contactless payment method like Apple Pay, another digital wallet, or a contactless credit card or debit card. Tap to Pay on iPhone uses the phone’s built-in features to keep business and customer information safe and private. Apple doesn’t store card numbers on the device or on its servers when payment is processed.

Tap to Pay on iPhone
Tap to Pay on iPhone

Square’s Early Access Program for Tap to Pay on iPhone, which began in June, led up to today’s public launch. During the program, many sellers found new value in being able to do business without any extra hardware, but in a smooth and secure way:

  • Professionals who work on the go, like contractors and caterers, can now take secure contactless payments at the site of their projects.
  • Retailers found new ways to be more efficient by helping customers finish their purchases wherever they were in the store.
  • Hairstylists and beauty professionals liked that customers could pay for their services right from their chairs because it was quick and easy.

“Tap to Pay on iPhone has really improved the shopping experience for our customers in many ways,” said Franco Salerno, owner of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo in Warrington, Pennsylvania, which is part of the Early Access Program. “Our young customers would rather use their digital wallets or contactless cards, and putting Tap to Pay on the iPhone has helped us meet their needs with a solution that is both easy to use and gives the buying process an air of sophistication.” Also, because our store is so big, we have been able to speed up sales by bringing the checkout process to where our customers are.

Tap to Pay on iPhone is powered by Square’s elegant and easy-to-use software. It gives sellers a mobile solution that can adapt to any situation and meet changing consumer preferences for contactless payments. Shoppers also benefit from Square’s software, which makes the checkout process simple and easy and gives them all the information they need to feel confident about their purchase.

David Talach, Head of Financial Services at Square, said, “As commerce continues to change quickly and contactless use in the U.S. continues to grow, Square is focused on making sure sellers of all sizes and types have the technology they need to make their customers happy and never miss a sale.” “Tap to Pay on iPhone gives merchants a new level of access. They can start taking payments in minutes and process transactions in seconds from anywhere in the store or on the go, without needing a separate payment device.” (Apple Event 2022: iPhone 14 Series Expected to Launch at this Event)

Tap to Pay on iPhone is the most recent addition to Square’s growing list of software-powered business tools. It makes it easy for new merchants to join Square’s larger ecosystem of innovative business tools. With just the Square POS app and an iPhone that works with it, sellers can get access to a fully integrated set of technologies that help them start, run, grow, or change their businesses.

Square sellers and new merchants can start using Tap to Pay on iPhone today by downloading the Square POS app on compatible devices. 

About Square

Square’s integrated ecosystem of business tools makes it easier for sellers to run and grow their businesses. Square has software that is designed to run complex restaurant, retail, and professional services businesses.

It also has flexible e-commerce tools, built-in financial services and banking products, a “buy now, pay later” feature called “Afterpay,” staff management and payroll features, and a lot more. All of these features work together to save sellers time and effort. Millions of sellers all over the world trust Square to help them run their businesses and do well in the economy. Block, Inc. (NYSE: SQ), which Square is a part of, is a global technology company that focuses on financial services.

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