Where Is Jim Cantore? Weather Channel Meteorologist Spotted In Punta Gorda

Everyone loves to have the latest weather updates irrespective of how dangerous they may be. However, no one ever expects to get updates at the cost of anyone’s life. Jim Cantore, the fan-favorite Weather Channel meteorologist has put the audiences in concern ahead of the powerful Tropical Storm Ian. It is considered to be such a storm that is going to create havoc. Thus, precautions are necessary to safeguard oneself from any possible threats.

However, that led to every audience trying to research more about his current location. Questions about his whereabouts are circling the internet and everyone is eager to know where Jim Cantore is. Is he safe and doing well? Well, we can assure you that Jim Cantore is doing fine and there is no risk lingering around him. The professional meteorologist is doing fine and there is nothing to worry about. But to answer the question, we have the latest information that every audience is eager to know 

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Where Is Jim Cantore Now?

Jim Cantore is always passionate about his work. The meteorologist first went to Tampa Bay after the reports of Tropical Storm Ian had set a high alert. The storm is rumored to be getting power over the period. It is currently taking its intense shape and picking up in the south of Cuba. Eventually, the force will intensify and the storm will quickly take the form of a major hurricane.

Where is Jim Cantore
Where is Jim Cantore

The National Hurricane Center already predicted the outcome. It is reported that there is going to be quite some damage if the hurricane becomes as powerful as it is predicted to be. As the viewers know, Jim Cantore is usually seen in areas where there are chances of the highest degree of damage. Previously as well, he has covered the areas where any natural disaster has caused maximum damage. Thus, apart from safety issues, fans are also keeping track of Jim Cantore’s movements to know more about where Tropical Storm Ian will have a major impact.

As of now, Jim Cantore is seen at Clearwater Beach, Cantore. He is staying at a hotel named Punta Gorda which is located in Charlotte County. This location is an hour away from Clearwater. Back on Sunday, he did report live from the beautiful Clearwater Beach which is expected to see some of the worst outcomes.

Weather Channel had dropped images of the location on its official social media account to keep the viewers updated about the Category 3 storm which is about to become a Category 4 hurricane as soon as it reaches the Florida Coast.

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Fans Supported Jim Cantore In This Exclusive Coverage

On 27th September, Hurricane Ian was seen emerging around western Cuba. As it progresses, it will be intensifying and then a major hurricane will be hitting the Tampa area. Already emergency warnings are given out and mandatory evacuations are activated for the needful. This storm is expected to be life-threatening and as the storm surges, things are going to get pretty hard.

Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore has reached the Tampa Bay area to keep a track of the entire storm. Jim did tweet about the scenes of chaos and destruction that were happening on Tuesday. He is even updating the weather issues in the Key West area as well. The impact is pretty hard and only time can tell how much more dangerous it can get. 

But even the audiences are prepared to support Jim Cantore through his reporting journey. Mike Boylan who is a local weather blogger posted a picture on his personal Twitter account on Saturday where he invited Jim Cantore to take shelter in his town if needed.

The tweet was captioned, “If the storm comes here I got VIP parking for you @JimCantore and @iCyclone!!! #letsgo”

And Cantore joined the conversation to reply, “Oh boy here we go!”

Actually, the Floridians are excited to see Cantore covering the storm.

local meteorologist Greg Dee, ABC Action News took to Twitter to say, “I’m getting more & more reports that Jim Cantore was seen at Tampa International Airport last night. Jim, you’re a nice guy but we’d all prefer for you to spend this week somewhere else.”

Besides, Dawn. S said, “In Florida, we don’t track the storm. We track Jim Cantore. Look out Clearwater!” 

On the other hand, Mary E also added, “I now know who Jim Cantore is, and he’s been spotted on the Gulf. We can all relax now.”

Definitely, the Floridians seemed to be thrilled to have Jim Cantore sharing all the updates. But for now, the main focus is to survive Tropical Storm Ian and ensure the safety of everyone. We pray that every individual stays safe and finds shelter wherever needed. Our prayers are with you!

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