Dancing With The Stars Season 31 Episode 2, Who Went Back Home?

Dancing With the Stars is a reality show which enters in 31 anniversary, yes now season 31 is aired from 19 September on the Disney+ platform and its host Tyra Banks was not much liked. You can see a change in the show as co-host Alfonso Riberio and the show also moved from ABC channel to Disney+.

From season 29 she remain regularly with the show after Tom Bergeron and become the point of critics. Because in the premiere fans faced too many problems and the reason is Tyra.

“Tyra calling out the producers for “messing up” the leaderboard? Ma’am blaming them does not make you look like you know what you’re doing,” show fans tweet.

Also, she got experienced a lot from Victoria’s Secret angle, America’s Next Top Model, and America’s Got Talent. But in DWTS fans rejects her hosting.

As the new season begins a new group of dancers with their favorite partners start their journey. It was their second performance and time for elimination. One couple is eliminated every week, who is first to eliminate? To know the information read this post completely. 

Dancing with the Stars season 31 episode 2 scores

dwts season 31
Dancing with the Stars season 31 episode 2, Who Went Back Home?

In the second episode of season 31 theme was Elvis night. So every couple would have to perform late Elvis hits songs to tribute to him. And each team follows this theme, what was the score achieved by them we described below one by one?

  • Gabby and Val 

Gabby and Val give their performance on “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and their dance was amazing as the song. Audiences give positive ranks to their elegant performance. Carrie Ann gives 8, Len-8, Derek-8, and Bruno-8. The total score is 32 and they played safe.

  • Charlie and Mark

Charlie and Mark are next to perform on Elvis hit song “Bossa Nova Baby” and they did justice with the tremendous performance. In the first week of the show, they were in the top position. This time their score is Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Derek-8, and Bruno-8. So they compete with Gabby and Val, scoring 32 the same. 

  • Wayne and Witney

Wayne and Witney select one more rememberable song from Elvis “Burning Love” and like the song, their act is also remarkable. You can say it was a value of money act. Their score is Carrie Ann-8. Bruno-8, Derek-8, and Len-8, a total of 32. So they also give tough competition to Gabby and Val, as well as Charli and Mark, are.

  • Trevor and Emma

Trevor and Emma performed the “Always On My Mind” song, and their act is loved by the audience and judges. Carrie Ann gives them 7, Len-7, Derek-8, and Bruno-8. Their total is 30 which is also a good score.

  • Daniel and Britt 

Daniel and Britt selected Elvis’s “King Creole” song and their fabulous chemistry can be seen in their performance. Both are very talented and impressed their fans. As their score is 29 in total, Carrie-7, Len-7, Derek-7, and Burno-8.

  • Shangela and Gleb

Elvis’s song “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” is selected by both of them to act. Shangela and Gleb improved their performance better from last week. Their score is Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Derek-7, and Bruno-7, in total 28.

  • Selma and Sasha

This couple impressed everyone during their last performance and this time they perform on “Jailhouse Rock”. Their act exactly fits the song. The total score in 28 as the judge gives them 7 each.

  • Heidi and Artem

This couple performed on “Suspicious Minds”  with a smiling face. Their score is also 28, 7 from each judge.

  • Jordin and Brandon 

Jordin and Brandon performed on “Hound Dog” but their act is average only. They score 27 in all as Carrie Ann-7, Len-6, Derek-7, and Bruno-7. 

  • Vinny and Koko 

According to their song “Viva Las Vegas,” their performance is better than it did. Their score is 27 only, to save from elimination they try their best next time.

  • Sam and Cheryl 

“Heartbreak Hotel” is this couple’s song and their performance is need improvements. As their score is 26, Carrie Ann-6, Len-6, Derek-7, and Bruno-7.

  • Jessie and Alan

Jessie and Alan performed on “Trouble” and their performance is average. They scored 25, Carrie Ann-7, Len-6, Derek-6, and Bruno-6. Their performance needs too many improvements to remain safe next time.

  • Joseph and Alexis*

Daniella Karagach misses the episode because she is COVID positive. She is the winner of the last two seasons. That’s why her partner Joseph and Alexis* paired in Dancing with the Stars season 31 because his partner left him because of COVID. They select “If I Can Dream” to act and their performance is praised by all the judges, because of Joseph’s body moves. Their score is 24, 6 from each.

  • Teresa and Pasha

Elvis’s song “All Shook Up” song is performed by Teresa. The last performance of this couple is not went so well. Is this time they improved? Their marks are Carrie Ann-6, Len-5, and Bruno-6.

  • Cheryl and Louis

Dancing with the Stars, this pair does not show anything impressive, and the last act was very low scoring. But this time they improved a little. Their song is “A Little Less Conversation” and the score is 21.

Dancing With the Stars season 31 week 2 Elimination Round

Every weekend in every reality show one contestant or couple has to eliminate. This elimination pair is picked according to their performance and score. As we describe every single couple score above, so the least score is Teresa and Pasha.

Because they scored only 23 which is very low. And their last performance also put them bottom two because of a mistake. Cheryl Ladd and Louis Van Amstel are also in the bottom two. So let’s watch who went back home.

Hope you like it. Stay tuned with us for more updates like this.

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