Where Is Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Filmed? Location And More Details Explored

Bachelor in Paradise is about to start a new season with more drama. The eighth season of Bachelor in Paradise premiered on September 27, 2022, at 8 pm. on ABC. ET. Former Bachelor Nation stars will go to the beach in Mexico for the premiere, hoping to find love and a partner for life. During the course of the season, viewers will see cast members laugh, love, cry, fight, and deal with a lot of drama.

More Details About Bachelor In Paradise’ Filming Location Explored

Since the beginning of the reality dating show, most of the filming has always taken place in and around Mexico’s beautiful beaches, and this season was no different. The whole of Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise was filmed in Sayulita, Mexico. Cinemaholic says that most of the filming started in June of 2022.

Sayulita is a small town at the end of the state of Nayarit in the south of Mexico. Most of the time, the contestants were at The Playa Escondida resort in Sayulita, which is at Avenida Playa Escondida 1. The resort is known for its high-end and large facilities, such as the beachfront, ocean-view, tropical-view, and bird canyon villas, which are all different ways to stay.

The Bachelor in Paradise contestants might have also used the spa, beach bar, jacuzzis, horseback riding, and specialty restaurant at the resort. The resort is also close to a jungle and has trails to hike and walks to take. There are a lot of fun facilities, so it will be interesting to see how they are changed for the season.

Sayulita is a beach town that is known for its great way of life and fashion culture, as well as its beautiful beaches. Viewers will get to see some very interesting parts of the beach town and all the drama of the reality dating series.

Reality Steve and many other clips shared by the show’s official social media platform say that the Bachelor in Paradise hopefuls will be put into different villas based on their gender, which is sure to cause chaos among the cast members. Steve posted details on his Twitter account:

This season of the reality show is based on Love Island. The women will be sent to a different place, leaving the men to meet new women on the beach. As men make new connections, their old ones will be at risk. This will cause drama. How will the women handle everything? We’ll have to wait and see.

On the first episode of Bachelor in Paradise, which is two hours long, 19 people who have been on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette will be looking for love. In the last season, the hosts changed, but this season, Jesse Palmer will welcome the contestants to the beach, and well-known bartender Wells Adams will serve them drinks and give them advice.

Bachelor In Paradise Season 8
Bachelor In Paradise Season 8

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