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When Did Richard Sherman Retire?

Richard Sherman Retire

Richard Sherman Retire

Richard Sherman is an American football cornerback who was picked in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the Seattle Seahawks.  During the peak of his career, Sherman used to be one of the top corners in the NFL. He was an important member of the Seahawks’ Legion of Boom secondary.

But, in his eleven years of a football career, he won’t be on an NFL sideline when the regular season begins. Instead, he became a pre-game and postgame analyst for Amazon in June this year. 

And since he has taken a media job now after suffering a calf injury, it has started appearing like his football career is now close to an end, however, it may not be so necessary. In an interview with NFL Network, when Sherman was questioned whether he has retirement plans now, to which he answered “No, no, I’m still leaving that door open as long as I can,” adding further “I’m obviously going to keep training and staying in shape, but gotta take the opportunities when they’re there, and this is an amazing opportunity with Amazon, so I couldn’t pass it up.”

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The 2022 season marks the first year when Amazon has taken the exclusive rights to “Thursday Night Football,” which will be covered by Sherman. But following the end of the season, things could become quite wild for Richard Sherman as it sounds as if he will be available to sign a team. He said, “If somebody wants to call in late December and needs some help, I’m happy to help.”

Richard also clarified that he won’t let a probable comeback to the NFL affect his new gig with Amazon. Sherman said “I can’t do anything but keep it honest,” adding further “If you’re playing well, I’m going to call it. If you’re not playing well, you got to call it.”

His retirement won’t be surprising if he does not sign with any team this year. Earlier this year in February, he also revealed that he is most likely to play two more seasons maximum.

At the time, he said in an interview that “I only want to play two more (seasons),” adding “I want to get on a competitive team. I think I still have a lot to give to the game.”

So, with these, it gets clear that Sherman had plans to retire this year though he has not made an official announcement yet. He played five games with the Buccaneers in 2021 during an injury-drilled season. Sherman played for Seattle for seven years and later spent three years with San Francisco.

So, with the aforementioned information, Richard Sherman has not retired yet. We will keep you updated with more such news until then stay tuned with our site

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