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My Hero Academia Season 6 Celebrates Opening With New Cover Art

My Hero Academia Season 6 Cover Art

My Hero Academia Season 6 Cover Art

The long-awaited the My Hero Academia Season 6 anime premieres next month as part of the massive Fall 2022 anime schedule, and to mark the occasion, the original series creator has created some special (and surprisingly bittersweet) cover art for the upcoming chapter. The final conflict between the heroes and villains has been very intense in the manga as of late, but the anime will soon begin its own take on this, with a full adaptation of the first conflict between the sides that really set the Final Act of the series in motion. Here you can see the My Hero Academia Season 6 new cover art.

Even though the cover art for Chapter 367 of My Hero Academia depicts the heroes and villains gathering for a special viewing of Season 6 of the anime, the chapter contains numerous spoilers for viewers who are only following the anime. On the cover of this “What If?” edition, everyone’s favorite heroes and villains are chilling out together in a celebratory mood after the release of the new episodes. Fans, however, are well aware of the heroes and villains (as well as some of the major developments in the new season) and so there is no way that they could meet. Learn more about it below:

 On October 1st, Crunchyroll will begin streaming the sixth season of My Hero Academia in international territories, so fans can get a taste of what they can expect before then. All the characters depicted on the cover play significant roles in the upcoming season, adapting Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga series and focusing on the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc. However, not everybody will emerge unscathed. To get you excited for Season 6, Crunchyroll has said these lines to tease the fans:

“Work-study student Deku can be found most days in the Endeavor headquarters, where Bakugo and Todoroki also spend their time”. He is developing as a hero and using Blackwhip, a new Quirk hidden in One For All, thanks to his hard work in the ideal setting.

My Hero Academia Season 6

In the meantime, Tomura Shigaraki of the League of Villains fights Re-Metahuman Destro’s Liberation Army. As he is backed into a corner by Re-attacks, Destro is jolted awake by memories of his traumatic upbringing. He takes control of the Metahuman Liberation Army, grows its influence, and then wants more power to destroy the world.”

Is everyone ready for the sixth season of My Hero Academia? What storylines or character developments do you hope to see the most in the upcoming season? Please share your opinions on this matter below. If you have any questions or comments on animation or anything else, feel free to tweet them directly to me at @Valdezology!

You can also watch here trailer for My Hero Academia season 6:

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