Call of Duty: Black Ops III Is On Air

Treyarch and Activision released Call of Duty: Black Ops III in 2015 and it is a first-person shooter. It’s the sequel to Call of Duty which came out in 2012, making it the twelfth game in the Call of Duty series overall. It came out on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One on November 6, 2015. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions developed by Beenox and Mercenary Technology are the last of the Call of Duty games to be released for those systems and their only mode of play is multiplayer.

Forty years after the events of Black Ops II, in 2065, the world is in turmoil due to climate change and technological advancements. The story like its predecessors follows a team of black ops soldiers. The campaign is built around four-player co-op play which allows for a more open, expansive level design with fewer corridors to shoot down. Cybernetic upgrades to the player character unlock new options for play. There is also a Zombies mode that serves as its campaign and a Nightmares mode that turns everyone into zombies.

Call of Duty Black Ops III
Call of Duty Black Ops III

This is the first Call of Duty game since Activision’s April 2015 announcement that it would no longer work with Microsoft Studios. Instead, it would work with Sony Computer Entertainment which would grant it timed exclusivity for the game’s downloadable content. The gameplay, Zombies mode and sheer volume of content were lauded by reviewers upon the game’s release.

story and lack of originality, however, were also points of criticism. The seventh-generation console versions were singled out for being online-only, lacking a campaign and having a dearth of features. The game was a commercial success, selling the most copies of any retail game in the United States in 2015. It was also one of the most well-received games for the eighth generation of video game consoles.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a sequel that came out on October 12, 2018.



Black Ops III’s campaign was made with a four-player co-op in mind, so there are fewer tight corridors and more open areas to shoot in. The player is also given the option of giving their character a unique design and wardrobe. As the player advances through the campaign, they will earn unlock tokens that can be redeemed for new equipment and weapons.

In the game’s “realistic” difficulty setting,  getting hit by a single bullet will result in an instant loss of life and the game over. After completing the main storyline players will gain access to “Nightmares” mode where they can experience the campaign all over again only this time with a different storyline and zombies instead of the usual foes.


A new momentum-based movement system is introduced for multiplayer, utilizing thruster packs to allow for slow boosts into the air wall running/sliding and full gun control at all times. Treyarch added a character system called “Specialists” in which players can choose from 9 different soldiers each with a unique weapon or ability in addition to the Pick 10 class system from Black Ops II.

Call of Duty Black Ops III
Call of Duty Black Ops III

A tenth specialist, Blackjack, was added in a subsequent update. In exchange for completing a series of challenges, you gain access to Blackjack, a character who can imitate the skills of other specialists for a limited time. (Citation required) With the new “Gunsmith” feature, players can experiment with different visual attachments for their weapons. The game’s emphasis on personalization is further emphasized by the Paintshop which lets players make their prints for specific gun parts.

Storyline Of Call of Duty: Black Ops III 

Winslow Accord black ops rescue hostages from the Nile River Coalition on October 27, 2065. A combat robot injures the Player. The Player undergoes cybernetic surgery to save their life receiving virtual training from Taylor and his team during surgery. Hendricks has surgery.

After five years of wetwork, the Player and Hendricks are tasked with investigating a quiet CIA black site in Singapore. The 54 Immortals attack and steal the site’s data. Kane believes Taylor and his team killed the staff. Player and Hendricks pose as arms dealers to meet the 54 Immortals. Goh Min, one of 54i’s leaders dies when their cover is blown. They recover data about Taylor’s last known location, a Coalescence Corporation facility in Singapore (destroyed ten years ago in a mysterious explosion that killed 300,000 people and made most of the island inhospitable).

The player and Hendricks find a hidden CIA lab. Diaz leaks CIA information so they kill him. Hendricks discovers Taylor is looking for explosion survivors Sebastian Krueger and Dr. Yousef Salim through Diaz’s DNI. The Immortals capture Kane using leaked information. The Player disobeys Kane’s orders and rescues her by killing Goh Min’s sister Xiulan. The trio heads to Egypt and meets Salim, who reveals he performed secret DNI experiments to calm humans by imagining a frozen forest.

Taylor then executes Salim. The Egyptian Army helps Player, Hendricks and Kane pursue Taylor. After killing Hall, the Player connects to her DNI and meets Corvus a gestalt intelligence created during the malfunctioning experiments to monitor DNI users’ thoughts. After infecting Taylor and his team, Corvus made the Player and Hendricks obsessed with finding the forest.

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They find Taylor in Cairo after killing Maretti. Taylor resists Corvus and rips out his DNI, sparing the Player. Hendricks succumbs to Corvus, kills Taylor and abandons the Player to find Krueger. The Player races to Zürich to stop Kane. Corvus caused the explosion at Zürich’s Coalescence Corporation with Nova 6. Corvus locks Kane in the compound room and kills her with gas in front of Player.

Hendricks holds Krueger hostage when the Player continues. The player kills Hendricks after he kills Krueger. The Player tries to kill themselves to end Corvus’ infection but ends up in a simulated frozen forest created by Corvus to retain dead DNI users’ consciousness. Taylor, who became a glitch in the forest tells the Player they must purge their DNI to end Corvus. With Taylor’s help, the Player resists Corvus’ last-ditch manipulation and erases the virus. The Player stumbles out of Zurich HQ and calls themselves “Taylor”

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