9+ Best Movies Coming To Netflix In 2022

Here you will read about the 10 upcoming movies to Netflix in 2022. Netflix is having a blast this year by releasing such incredible movies this year. Spiderhead, The Gray Man, The Adam Project, and Hustle are just a few of the fantastic films released in 2022. But it is not done for this beautiful year, since more magnificent movies are coming soon.

Netflix has been on a remarkable roll with its releases, suiting all of our demands from comedy to Thriller-Mysteries. Shortly, moviegoers will have their pick among several excellent offerings.

The School for Good and Evil

September of 2022 is projected as the release month for The School for Good and Evil. Paul Feig’s fantasy film centers on best friends Agatha and Sophie, who are abducted and sent to an unknown boarding school. They’re trying to get out, but they’re caught in a conflict between good and evil.

The novel upon which this film is based was published in 2013. The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them inspired the setting of The School for Good and Evil, and Harry Potter inspired many of the characters. This upcoming film is perfect if you enjoy stories about wizards, witches, and other fantastical characters.

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Day Shift

On August 12th, 2022, Day Shift will be distributed to the public. Bud (Jamie Foxx), a pool cleaner who wants nothing more than the best for his 6-year-old daughter, is at the center of this humorous action fantasy. To provide for his family, he transforms into a vampire hunter at night. With two other hunters, Big John (Snoop Dogg) and Seth, (Dave Franco).

If you enjoyed the Zombieland films but were left wanting more, this J.J. Perry production is for you. This film has its distinct tone since it combines the action-based style of “James Bond” with a humorous twist on the vampire genre.

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Enola Holmes 2

The sequel to Harry Bradbeer’s Enola Holmes is expected to premiere on Netflix in 2022. Sherlock’s younger sister, Enola Holmes starred in a crime-adventure film series (Millie Bobby Brown). She starts researching her mother’s disappearance, outwits her famous brother in the process, and uncovers potentially devastating information about the young Lord.

For the sequel, she dons her detective hat and sets out to find a missing girl with the help of her friends, brother, and the paintings themselves. Many people are hoping that Elona Holmes 2 will be as well made as the first film, which was a massive smash on Netflix and won three awards and was nominated for eleven others.

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On September 28, 2022, audiences can see the film Blonde in theatres. This fictitious biopic of Marilyn Monroe (played by Ana De Armas) is a psychological thriller. They’ve made her look almost exactly like Monroe, so she seems like a perfect choice to play Monroe in the film.

Looking forward to seeing Andrew Dominik’s take on her story from whichever perspective he chooses. Is he planning to have her tragic demise featured in the movie? Comparing Marilyn Monroe, the celebrity and Norma Jeane Mortenson the person will leave viewers stunned. A much darker image of this idealized American darling may emerge.

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Me Time

Me Time will be available to the public on August 26, 2022. Kevin Hart plays the stay-at-home dad, Sonny, and Mark Wahlberg plays Huck, a middle-aged man who insists on acting his age. Sonny decides to spend the weekend away from his family and duties, so he tags along on Huck’s wacky trip.

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Look Both Ways

On August 17th, Look Both Ways will be available for purchase in several weeks. Moviegoers will recognize Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart and Luke Wilson in this feel-good romantic comedy. The night before Natalie’s graduation, an unusual occurrence occurs, and the film chronicles what happens then. Her life begins to split into different universes.

In one possible timeline, she gets pregnant and decides to raise her child in Texas, where she grew up. In the alternative timeline, she uproots to Los Angeles to work alongside her idol Lucy Galloway in the entertainment industry. The Wanuri Kahiu film Look Both Ways is a must-see for fans of Before I Fall, Happy Death Day, and When We First Met.

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The Good Nurse

In October of 2022, look for The Good Nurse to hit shelves. Based on a true incident, this drama-thriller stars Jessica Chastain as a distrustful nurse who suspects a coworker of being behind a string of unexplained deaths at their hospital. She puts herself in danger to uncover the truth and prevent further harm from coming to innocent people.

Charles Cullen, the real-life inspiration for this chilling tale, is believed to have murdered more than 400 patients and earned the nickname “The Angel of Death.” If you want your thrillers to include a lot of twists and turns and leave you feeling horrified that the events depicted could have happened in real life, this film is for you.

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Luckiest Girl Alive

If all goes well, Luckiest Girl Alive will hit theatres before the year 2022 comes to a close. This thriller drama was inspired by a 2015 best-seller of the same name. Mila Kunis plays Ani FaNelli, the heroine, a New Yorker with a great life, a great job at a fantastic magazine firm, and an infinite supply of fabulous clothes for every day of the year.

She has kept a secret trauma from her time as a youngster at the prestigious Brentley school disguised. Still, when she is approached to participate in a crime documentary, her background begins to unravel the trauma. Luckiest Girl Alive is for fans of films like Fractured and Hypnotic.

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End of the Road

According to reports, the streaming debut of End of the Road will occur on September 9, 2022, on the streaming service Netflix. In this action-packed mystery thriller, Brenda and her family are on a cross-country road trip when they become the target of a man who wants to kill them all.

They are left dead in the middle of the New Mexico desert and must fight for their lives from an unknown assailant. Millicent Shelton helms this Queen Latifah vehicle. This film is not for the weak of heart, but it is a must-see for fans of nail-biting thrillers.

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We anticipate the release of Slumberland sometime in the last half of 2022. The plot of this funny family adventure film centers on a young girl who discovers a map of a fantastical country called Slumberland. She persuades a disreputable bandit to accompany her to this mysterious location in the hopes of finding her father’s remains there.

Francis Lawerence directed this film starring Jason Mamoa as the renegade criminal Flip. This film is perfect for those looking for something simple to watch yet still want to be entertained by some exciting scenery.

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