The Whole World is a Video Game: Katy Perry

According to Katy Perry, reality is just a simulation. The sci-fi film series “The Matrix” explores the idea that all of existence is a simulated reality like a computer simulation. The pop star has been studying Simulation Theory, which proposes that this is the case.

37-year-old Katy remarked, “I sometimes think extraordinary things. I enjoy the study of simulation and NPCs. My gamer, Crypto-obsessed brother, recently watched the X Games video game equivalent. Participants sat in high-tech chairs in front of their computers and played FIFA soccer before a virtual stadium full of spectators.

A part of me was like, “Isn’t that already happening? Is that not what’s happening with us? Do you think it’s possible that anyone is trying to mess with us? Here we are, trying to figure out how to play another game. Consequently, the Metaverse constitutes the subsequent level of our being. I can’t say.

“The abbreviation “NPC” refers to any character that is not controlled by the player. Perhaps a sociopathic explanation, but on a deeper spiritual level, I’d say it’s people who aren’t mindful of their lack of awareness. “We’re all simply stars trapped in human bodies, right?

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“Moreover, I have never even tried marijuana. To top it all off, I can’t even smoke feed. I realize I probably just sound like I’m microdosing. It’s a lot to attempt to absorb, and it’s not easy.”

Katy Perry
Katy Perry

Katy was raised a Pentecostal Christian by her pastor’s parents, but she no longer practices her former faith. Instead, she is interested in Simulation Theory and has even taken up some of Orlando Bloom’s Buddhist practices.

The “Roar” singer, who shares custody of her daughter Daisy Dove with the British actor, recently revealed the following on the “SmartLess” podcast: “Unlike the more traditional Catholic upbringing I received, mine was of the more radical variety of Christianity known as “Born Again Christians.” Gospel and Christian music have always been a massive part of my life, and I was surprised to learn that they had their version of the Grammys.

“Contrary to my upbringing, I do not accept its tenets. Even though I consider myself spiritual, institutional religion isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. Usually, first thing in the morning, Orlando says his Buddhist mantras as he begins his day. As a result, I’ve come to adopt some of his views and the Buddhist worldview.

I’m just a person who wants to find out about everything. A great deal of science, ranging from mysticism to mathematics to geometry to physics. I have faith that something will materialize in the end.”

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