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Step Up Season 3 Release Date and Trailer Revealed

Step Up Season 3

Step Up Season 3

After being canceled after two seasons, the popular dance competition series “Step Up” is returning for a third round. In May 2020, Starz picked up the show for a Step Up Season 3. High Water is Atlanta’s most prestigious performing arts high school, and the show follows the kids and teachers there.

Ohio twins Tal and Janelle find themselves thrown into a world where everything is a test. As they try to find their way in the world on and off the dance floor, they will discover how far they are willing to go to achieve their goals and seize the moment. Inquire further into the forthcoming season with me.

Step Up Season 3 Plot

Do you mind giving us a summary to get things rolling? “Welcome to High Water — a next-level incubator for emerging artistic genius, where danger, corruption, suspicions, wants, resentments, and ambitions mix in and out of the corridors of the headquarters,” reads the official logline for Season 3.

Sage Odom (Ne-Yo), the founder of High Water Records, is a megastar threatened with murder charges, financial collapse, and political opponents as the label’s list of artists expand.

Collette Jones (Milian), his business and romantic partner, strives to keep up appearances while concealing a scandal that could bring down their company. Jones is currently on a national tour and is stepping out of her role as the woman behind the empire.

Step Up Season 3 Release Date

The trailer is complete, and the release date has been set. The release date for Step Up Season 3 on Starz has been set for October 16, 2022.

Besides StarzPlay’s streaming and on-demand services, you can also watch it on the Starz app. Additionally, it will be available on StarzPlay, a premium streaming service worldwide.

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Step Up Season 3 Cast

Step Up Season 3 Cast

Lauryn McClain As Janelle Baker

Actress and singer Lauryn McClain is well-known in the United States. As a replacement for her sister China Anne McClain, she provided the voice of Freddie Facilier in the second season. After starring as one of Daddy’s Little Girls, she became a household name among teenagers everywhere as a singer and actor. She also had a role in the Tyler Perry film House of Payne.

Petrice Jones

Petrice Jones is a British actor and model. On the Netflix show, he presently plays Scot Cavendish.

Marcus Mitchell As Dondre Hall

On December 27, he was born to parents Mark and Yvonne Mitchell on the south side of Houston, Texas. The American actor Marcus first appeared on screen in 2010’s Stomp The Yard 2: Homecoming. Since then, he has starred in the films Breaking Through (2015), HighStrung (2016), and Making Moves (2017).

Terrence Green As Rigo Octavio

Terrence Green has been dancing professionally for ten years and is now ready to go on to bigger and better things. On social media, he goes by the name RawSwagger, and he’s become popular because of his impressive dance skills and hilarious antics. Unfortunately, not many people know about his modest beginnings.

Other Members

Step Up Season 3 Teaser Reveals Christina Milian As Naya Rivera

The first trailer for the third season of Step Up: High Water has been published, giving viewers their first glimpse at Christina Milian in the role made famous by the late Naya Rivera.

Drama, romance, and rivalry unfold in the dance world and a performance empire in this TV series adaptation of the Step Up movies. Milian will play the pivotal role of Collette Jones in Step Up: High Water.

Rivera created the part of Collette and played her for 20 episodes during the show’s first two seasons. The second season premiered in March 2019, a full year before Rivera’s sad death in Lake Piru. Rivera, a star on Glee, also passed away in July of 2020, at the young age of 33.

Just over a month after Rivera’s death, Starz announced the third season of Step Up: High Water, and after much deliberation, they decided to recast the role of Collette. Joining the likes of Ne-Yo, Faizon Love, Eric Graise, Tricia Helfer, Terayle Hill, Lauryn McClain, and Enrique Murciano, Milian is a welcome addition to the cast.

Milian is an actress and singer who has starred in such films as Love Don’t Cost a Thing (2003), Be Cool (2005), and Pulse (2006). Due to the importance of Collette to the plot, Milian will have a significant part to perform in Step Up: High Water.

After six theatrical releases beginning with 2006’s Step Up, Holly Sorensen created the first television series in the Step Up franchise, Step Up: High Water.

The debut of season three will air on Starz on October 16 of this year. This includes the Starz app and StarzPlay’s streaming and on-demand services. StarzPlay, a premium streaming service, will also distribute it globally.

Where To Watch Step Up Season 3?

Starz has set October 16, 2022, as the premiere date for the third season of Step Up. In addition to all StarzPlay streaming and on-demand platforms, the Starz App will have it available for viewing.

Step Up Season 3 Trailer

You can watch the fantastic trailer of Step Up Season 3 here:

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