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The Return To Monkey Island Reviews Are Here

The Return To Monkey

The Return To Monkey

September has been jam-packed with news and new games like Splatoon 3. Another game released for the Nintendo Switch in time for “Talk Like a Pirate Day” is Return to Monkey Island. Here you will read The Return To Monkey Island reviews. Start reading to know:

The long-awaited fourth installment in the Monkey Island point-and-click adventure series has finally here! Guybrush Threepwood makes a comeback with clever humor and a fresh visual style. With all the reviews in, what is everyone’s overall impression? To discover out, keep reading!

“Return to Monkey Island expectedly comes packed full of smartly crafted puzzles, funny dialogue, and memorable characters. But as series creator Ron Gilbert returns to the series’ director’s chair for the first time since 1991, it unexpectedly offers a lot of heart, too. It is an adventure gamer’s delight.”

The PC version was rated 4.5/5 stars by The Gamer, who said it had all they could want and more.

“Return to Monkey Island is everything I wanted and more. Daft humour with plenty of dad-worthy gags, puzzles to both frustrate and delight you, lovable throwbacks around every corner, and all while being effortlessly enjoyable. It feels like Monkey Island has fittingly come full circle with this title in many ways, and yet I can’t help but be selfish and want more Guybrush from Gilbert. There’s still room in the scrapbook for more adventures, and if we’re lucky, maybe we won’t have to wait 30 years for the next title.”

GameSpot rated it 9 out of 10 for excellence, with praise directed at the “fan service” for returning players.

“Returning players will adore the fan service and familiar sense of warmth that permeates the whole experience, yet it still strives to make itself somewhat approachable for beginners. There’s no denying that certain elements will be lost without that decades-old connection, but having a history with the series isn’t essential to enjoy Guybrush Threepwood’s latest escapade. Return to Monkey Island tells a wholesome and compelling tale of swashbuckling shenanigans that should appeal to anyone seeking a hearty adventure on the high seas.”

The reviewer from Ars Technica deemed it essential reading:

“I began Return to Monkey Island thinking this game would merely be a fun, comforting return to a classic, but I left the island believing that I’d played a refreshing and absolutely necessary game—one that employs interactivity to speak to the human spirit in ways that a film or book never could. I love Return to Monkey Island, and I’m excited for you to learn its secrets, too.”

RockPaperShotgun thought it was great too, praising how well it exemplified the point-and-click style:

“I do think it’s one of the best point and click games to give someone in the year of 2022 to prove that point and click games are good. But I’m also self-aware enough myself to know I wouldn’t have loved Return To Monkey Island quite as much if I didn’t have a history with the series. But I do. So I did. Yo ho ho, and a bottle of fun.”

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