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8 Best LoL Halloween Costume Ideas

8 Best LoL Halloween Costume Ideas

Struggling to come up with ideas for a killer Halloween costume? If you’re a League of Legends fan, why not turn to Summoner’s Rift for inspiration? With dozens of champions to choose from, there’s no shortage of costume ideas. If you’re lacking in creative flair, you can always turn to cosplay suppliers for ready-made creations to make life simple. However, if you’re eager to roll your sleeves up and get stuck, nothing beats a DIY Halloween costume. Need some pointers? Read on for 8 of the best League of Legends costumes that will get you noticed this Halloween.

8. Diana (Blood Moon)

Even in her basic form, Diana is a pretty striking champion. Her slick armor and fearsome blades make her one woman you don’t want to mess with. You can pick up a ready-made Diana cosplay without breaking the bank. However, if you’re looking to put a fresh spin on things, why not take your inspiration from her Blood Moon skin? Reimagined in red with a demonic mask to boot, it’s the perfect look for Halloween.

7. Vladimir (Nosferatu)

Vladimir is a pretty fearsome looking champion in his own right. However, pulling off this bloodsucking mage’s crimson robes and gnarly talons is a tall order. For an easier costume alternative, delve into the LoL Halloween skins archive. In 2010, Nosferatu Vladimir was released. Inspired by the iconic movie monster of the same name, this spooky skin is easily replicated with just a few key pieces.

6. Brand (Zombie)

With his molten muscles and fiery aura, Brand’s classic look is a hard one to pull off. Thankfully, Riot Games released a zombie-inspired skin for this iconic champion back in 2012. You can replicate this look fairly easily. All you’ll need is a tattered duster coat, an old shirt, plus a black tie you don’t mind tearing to shreds. For the haunting eyes and green flames, reach for inexpensive contacts and some neon body paint.

5. Hecarim (Headless)

If you’ve got a hefty budget to work with, you might want to consider sourcing a full Hecarim costume from a cosplay supplier. However, capturing Hecarim in all his glory isn’t easy. If you want a more seasonal take on this terrifying champion, take some notes from his Headless Halloween skin. The crimson coat should be easy to source, while the stripped-back staff is a simpler make than his standard blade. However, you’ll need a decent jack-o’-lantern mask to pull this one off.

4. Zilean (Blood Moon)

Zilean is one of the most impressive-looking champions from the League of Legends lineup. However, his standard look isn’t going to send chills down anyone’s spine. Zilean’s Blood Moon skin is a different matter entirely. Sourcing a decent crimson and navy robe won’t be easy, but the red talons and demonic horns won’t be too hard to find in the lead-up to Halloween.

3. Dr. Mundo (Executioner)

Looking for a fresh take on Frankenstein’s monster? Dr. Mundo is clearly inspired by this iconic horror creation. With a generous supply of purple body paint, you can easily recreate his basic look. However, if you’re after something that’ll really strike fear in the hearts of fellow partygoers, take some notes from his Executioner skin. You’ll have to up your costume game with this one. As a minimum, you’ll want some studded belts and harnesses in the mix, not to mention an executioner’s hood and red contact lenses.

2. Nocturne (Haunting)

Nocturne is pure nightmare fuel. This demonic entity is one of the most terrifying League of Legends champions of all time. Dedicated cosplayers will have no trouble putting together a game-accurate outfit. However, more casual fans will have more luck recreating his Haunting skin. This is a terrific take on a classic ghost costume, although you’ll need to think beyond cutting holes in an unused bed sheet.

1. Miss Fortune (Pirate)

Not every Halloween costume has to be terrifying. If you’re looking for a more family-friendly costume idea, look to champions like Miss Fortune for inspiration. No Halloween party is complete without at least one pirate in the mix. If you’ve gone for a swashbuckling theme in previous years, there’s a good chance you already have most of the essentials required for this winning costume to hand.

Looking for more Halloween costume ideas? New LoL champions are being added to the lineup all the time. What’s more, Riot Games regularly unveil a slate of new skins during the Season of the Witch. For more inspiration, check the latest LOL esports schedule at 1337Pro to see which skins the pros are using.

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