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TikTok’s BeReal Clone App Is Gaining Traction Outside The US

TikTok’s BeReal Clone App

TikTok’s BeReal Clone App

TechCrunch says that TikTok Now, a standalone app that copies BeReal, is now available in markets other than the US. The TikTok Now feature was first announced last week, and US users can find it in the app.

Since it came out on September 18th, the app has been getting more attention. Sensor Tower, an analytics company, told The Verge that as of today, TikTok Now is one of the top 10 social networking apps in 39 countries and one of the top 100 apps overall in 24 countries.  Here are the full details about this TikTok’s BeReal Clone App…

TikTok’s BeReal Clone App

TikTok Now sends users a reminder to take a photo or video to share with their friends once a day. Like the rising BeReal, users can’t see what their friends have posted until they’ve shared their own content. BeReal only lets you post still photos, but TikTok enables you to post 10-second videos. Other than that, the two apps are almost the same.

TikTok’s BeReal Clone App

The Now tab is next to the users For You page in US versions of TikTok’s BeReal clone app. When the Now feature was announced, TikTok said that it could become a separate app in places other than the US in the future. The company said it would try out Now over the next few weeks.

As the number of people using BeReal grows, other platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat have been working on features similar to or similar to BeReal’s. Leakers found out about IG Candid in August. At the time, Instagram said it was an internal prototype and not available to the public.

Snapchat’s dual camera feature is similar to BeReal in that it lets you take photos with both the front and back-facing cameras at the same time. However, Snapchat doesn’t go as far as BeReal and sends random daily reminders to users to post. So far, BeReal has caught people’s attention as a kind of anti-social media social media platform, even though it is still pretty simple. Other platforms are likely testing it out to see if they can do it better.

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