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Is Cobra Kai Over? Is The Season 6 Canceled?

Is Cobra Kai Over

Is Cobra Kai Over

The martial arts comedy-drama TV series titled Cobra Kai has gained lots of love from viewers. The show first premiered on May 2, 2018; since then, it has run for five seasons. Season 5 aired on Netflix on September 9, 2022, with ten episodes. The initial two seasons of the series aired on YouTube and later the series shifted to Netflix. Here you will read details related to the Cobra Kai cancellation. Is Cobra Kai over? Is there no new season going to be.

Now that season 5 of the fan-favorite series has been released, we see Daniel LaRusso teaming up with two of his former rivals named Chozen Toguchi and Johnny Lawrence to be able to throw out vicious Terry Silver.

After the fifth season, fans are left with the question of whether they will get to see another season of Cobra Kai or if is it over? Read the full article to learn more about it.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Ending 

Season 5 ends with a cliffhanger as Terry Silver’s plan of extending the Cobra Kai kingdom gets Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso’s attention. They hire Chozen Toguchi to help turn the tide to block Silver’s plan.

Daniel and his Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang allies beat Silver in a climactic confrontation. In contrast, Tory reveals his corruption of the All Valley Tournament referee which left him in disgrace with his Cobra Kai allies and eventually detained him.

Though the gang had their victory celebration, in the finale episode, we see that they aren’t still out of the woods since John Kreese is confirmed to have bluffed his demise and fled from prison. He is determined to take revenge now.

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Is Cobra Kai Season 5 the Final Season?

Cobra Kai

With season 5 ending, it seems like we will surely get another season of the series. So, fans don’t need to be concerned about season 5 being the last season of Cobra Kai. 

In July, Jon Hurwitz, the show’s co-creator confirmed via Twitter that more from The Karate Kid spin-off is in the pipeline and that “the Miyagiverse is far from finished.”

Netflix has not officially announced the renewal of Cobra Kai Season 6 but with the fans requesting the show’s revival, we may hear soon from the streaming giant. 

Many social media users took to Twitter asking about the series’ renewal after watching Cobra Kai Season 5.

A fan tweeted “Can’t believe I’ve binge watched Cobra Kai season 5 in one day and yet again I am impatiently waiting for season 6.” The other one wrote: “I need the Cobra Kai season 5 writers back in them [writers’] rooms for season 6 immediately.”

One of the fans tweeted “The season finale was the craziest episode of the entire show,” adding “I hope they end it with Season 6.”

So, with such requests from the series’ fans, Netflix may make the official announcement of Cobra Kai Season 6 soon.

Cobra Kai undoubtedly has a lot of fans, and Netflix won’t disappoint them. We will update this article as more information is available. Until then stay tuned with

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