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Where Can You Watch “Why Did I Get Married”?

Why Did I Get Married

Why Did I Get Married

“Why Did I Get Married” is a 2007 comedy-drama that follows the challenges faced by couples to maintain their relationship in such a modern era. It revolves around eight married college friends and one non-friend (all of whom have the economic status of middle to upper class) visiting Colorado to attend their annual week-long reunion. However, the scenario turns out as the betrayal by a couple ensues. As the secrets unravel, each pair starts questioning their respective marriage. So, where can you watch this comedy-drama? Read the full article below. 

Why Did I Get Married Plot 

All four couples have been friends since their undergraduate days, and they’ve decided to spend a week together in a mountain house. The purpose of this ceremony is to encourage the couple to examine their motivation for being married and find a way forward.

Some of the couples have not been emotionally present in their relationships for quite some time, but they have committed to being physically there for the week. Their “adventures” on the way to the mountain retreat are the first sign that the week is not well-planned, and from there, things progress more or less spontaneously.

After Dianne gets there, she passes out with her BlackBerry. Terry tells her secretary not to disturb her and her husband on their vacation when the phone rings while she is sleeping. Patricia comes and heads upstairs to wake Dianne as Terry and the other men share a bottle of wine and talk about how great he is as a husband.

When Angela and Marcus arrive, you’ll hear the familiar sound of an argument. Mike and Trina are criticized by the other wives for abandoning Sheila while they go shopping. Mike treats his wife disdainfully and makes fun of her because of her size. The people trying to contact Sheila only get her voicemail.

Sheila is so dedicated to saving her marriage that she refuses to let anything stand in her way of attending the retreat. By some twist of fate, she finds herself at the office of Sheriff Troy Jackson (Rucker). Due to the weather, the highways are closed for the night, so she will have to spend the night at work.

Where To Watch Why Did I Get Married?

Here is the list of apps we have collected for you where you can see Why Did I Get Married:


HBO Max is an independent streaming service with many TV shows, films and original content on its platform. After buying a subscription plan, you can watch “Why Did I Get Married” on the podium. The programs begin at $9.99 per month.


“Why Did I Get Married” is also available on iTunes. You can either rent or buy a subscription plan to enjoy watching the film and the program starts at $9.99 per month. A student subscription plan costs $4.99 per month whereas family subscription plans cost $14.99 monthly.

Amazon Prime

The film is also available to watch on Amazon Prime. You can buy a subscription plan to watch “Why Did I Get Married” on the streaming platform and the plan starts at $14.99 per month.


The streaming giant service Netflix is also one where you can enjoy watching “Why Did I Get Married” after buying a subscription plan. The plan starts from $9.99 per month.


Vudu is a streaming platform that offers you many free movies and shows, which means you can watch the film on Vudu without spending your money.

We have covered some platforms where you can see “Why Did I Get Married.” Stay tuned to our website for more information. Don’t forget to follow for more updates.

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