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LeBron James Joined The NBA Bald Fraternity

LeBron James Joined The NBA Bald Fraternity

LeBron James Joined The NBA Bald Fraternity

I’m afraid there won’t be a swap, including Russell Westbrook. Instead, we get the sad news that LeBron James has officially given up. On Tuesday, he posted a photo to his Instagram story that appears to have been taken at the barbershop, indicating that he may have recently undergone a complete head shaving.

After years of fighting to stop the receding hairline, does that mean LeBron is finally following in Michael Jordan’s and Kobe Bryant’s footsteps and going entirely bald?

No, not quite. During the 2017 offseason, before his final season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he also posted a video of himself going bald. After the start of the season, LeBron’s hair was back to normal, as it has been for the past decade.

The June 2017 post was made roughly three months before the 2017-18 season’s media day and training camp. LeBron may have embraced the practice of shaving his head entirely early in the offseason as part of a systematic plan to ensure that his hair will look its best for the entire season.

However, the situation is very different three months before media day compared to six days before media day. Is it possible we’ll have to get used to seeing LeBron James with a new hairstyle that doesn’t include his signature buzz cut? Seemingly, we will, except…

Lighting around the top of his head is a touch-off, making him look a little strange. What role does this filter play among the several others available today? Is there one that can simulate your bald appearance? Maybe this is a little prank of LeBron’s as he prepares for the mini-camp he will oversee with the Lakers roster later this week, given that he is a reasonably big goofball when he isn’t power-brokering in the NBA. If so, I think Lakers fans will appreciate it more than the previous practical joke he pulled on us.

Maybe, though, this is real, and we will have LeBald back for his 20th season in the Association. If that’s the case, I applaud LeBron for doing what makes him happy and taking the plunge into baldness. And if he’s making this up, so what? Well, props to him for sticking with his hair routine no matter what!

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