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Who is Lizzo Dating? Is “Mike Wright” Her New Boyfriend?

Who Is Lizzo Dating?

Who Is Lizzo Dating?

Lizzo made her relationship with her boyfriend (or fiancé?) Myke Wright official on the red carpet at an Emmy Awards “For Your Consideration” event for her new reality program. An event was organized on June 6, 2022, to promote the premiere of the Amazon series Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls. The show follows Lizzo as she looks for new Big Grrrls to perform as her tour’s backup dancers.

Lizzo walked in wearing a stunning hot pink suit with a man by her side. Lizzo has finally addressed the rumors about her relationship with Wright, which have been circulating for close to a year. Who is Lizzo’s boyfriend and what does he do, considering all the speculation about her past relationships?

Who is Lizzo’s boyfriend, Myke Wright?

Mike Wright, like Lizzo, is a highly imaginative person. Wright spoke about his childhood in Detroit, where he took acting classes, created art, studied guitar, and performed extensively with his two bands in a 2020 interview with VoyageLA.

Who Is Lizzo Dating?

Wright played in two bands when he was a teenager: a rock band named The Grey Level and a hip-hop outfit called Phresh Heir. He moved to Los Angeles in 2012 after being encouraged to pursue his passions by his parents.

What does Myke Wright do?

After relocating to Los Angeles, Wright began a successful stand-up comedy career, making appearances on series including Laughs and Adam Devine’s Stand-Up Show.

Wright is also a musician, having released the EP KANDIA in 2020. Wright’s work in design, namely for the Detroit-based fashion brand EMLE, which emphasizes diversity, sustainability, and style, demonstrates that he is a master of many trades.

Wright also discussed his organization ümi in a 2020 interview with VoyageLA, explaining that it “is about gathering all best brains together and producing material answers for the difficulties humanity confronts.”

When Did Lizzo And Myke Wright Meet?

In 2016, Lizzo and Wright co-hosted the music-focused MTV series Wonderland, which attempted to “showcase the trendiest tunes through unusual live performances.” This may or may not have been the first time Lizzo and Wright met each other. The dynamic between the two charismatic actors was palpable on-screen and off.

Rumors of a romantic relationship between Lizzo and Wright initially surfaced in 2021 after chris Evans.

According to Us Weekly, the first time the couple was seen kissing was in March of 2021, and more sightings and clues continued to emerge throughout 2021 and 2022.

Following their recent red carpet appearance, it is now official that Lizzo and Wright are a couple. In April 2022, Lizzo announced in a radio interview that she was dating someone who didn’t care about her popularity.

It’s related that Lizzo’s vegan version of ricotta toast is trending on TikTok.

How Long Has Lizzo Been Dating Myke Wright?

In March 2021, photos of Lizzo and Wright kissing and embracing in Malibu, California were published by The U.S. Sun. To further confuse matters, Lizzo updated her Instagram at the same moment with the phrase “SINGLE,” making it difficult to pinpoint exactly when the two began dating and when they became an exclusive pair.

Regardless of when they first met, it seems like Lizzo and Wright are still together and even engaged rumors have been sparked by the new images thanks to the picture of a diamond ring on Liz’s finger.

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