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Who Is Buried At Windsor Castle?

Who Is Buried At Windsor Castle

Who Is Buried At Windsor Castle

After her funeral at Westminster Abbey, Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest at the King George VI Memorial Chapel in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. In this post, you will read about who is buried at Windsor castle other than Elizabeth II?

The estimated departure time from London is 1 pm, with arrival at Windsor at 3 pm. This will be to transport the Queen’s body. At 4 o’clock, we’ll start the funeral service and the commitment.

After that, the Queen will join other members of the Royal Family in being laid to rest in St. George’s Chapel.

When was St. George’s Chapel Built?

St. George’s Chapel was commissioned by Edward IV in 1475 and was finished by Henry VIII in 1528. St. George’s Chapel is both a church and a place of worship for the British Royal Family. In 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became the latest royal couple to tie the knot there.

Except for Sundays when services are held, visitors are welcome to explore St. George’s Chapel.

Who Is Buried At Windsor Castle?

Windsor Castle

After Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh passes away in 2021. Queen Elizabeth II buried him in the Royal Vault beneath St. George’s Chapel.

Princess Margaret’s ashes are also interred at the chapel, together with those of the late queen’s parents, King George V and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

St. George’s Chapel is the final resting place for ten former monarchs; five are buried in two burial vaults beneath the choir, and the other five are interred in tombs inside the chapel proper. St. George’s Chapel is the final resting place for many British monarchs, including Charles I, George III, George IV, William IV, Edward IV, Henry VI, Edward VII, and Queen Mary.

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