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Did The Simpsons Predict The Queen’s Death In 2014?

Did The Simpsons Predict The Queens Death

Did The Simpsons Predict The Queens Death

Yesterday, the world watched as Queen Elizabeth ll, the longest-reigning queen in history, was laid to rest. A state funeral for the Queen, who died on September 8, was held yesterday. In the past ten days, we have witnessed numerous royal rites performed and members of the royal family descend upon London to honor their late queen. Do you also think that the Simpsons predict the Queen’s death?

At the same time that we were all glued to our televisions to watch Queen’s final voyage, the internet was going crazy about a particular episode of The Simpsons. And here’s why.

There is a massive following for the English cartoon The Simpsons. While it has captivated the world for decades, the show’s biggest draw is that it reportedly anticipated many historical events that have occurred in the present. Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency of the United States is another example.

Now, according to several trending tweets, The Simpsons not only predicted that Queen Elizabeth II would die but also the same year she would do so. Do not miss the photographs and information on the funeral that have gone viral recently.

According to the tweet, the photographs depict what appears to be a likeness of Queen Elizabeth ll in a coffin with the dates 1926-2022 written on it. This period corresponds precisely with the Queen’s reign. The images have sparked widespread interest and conversation online. However, it has been determined that the photographs are fake. We Got This Covered confirms that the tweet above contains altered images.

The first photo, taken in 2014 and posted online, is from the 2004 episode The Regina Monologues, aired during the show’s fifteenth season on January 9. The death of Queen Elizabeth ll was never depicted on the show.

She appeared in many episodes throughout the show’s 33 seasons, although she never passed away. The other photos are false because they are just warped and edited versions of the real Donald Trump.

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