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Is Maya Hawke Gay? What Role Did She Play In Stranger Things?

Is Maya Hawke Gay

Is Maya Hawke Gay

Because of her outstanding performance as Robin in the third season of Stranger Things, Maya Hawke quickly becomes a household name. Besides Robin being a lesbian in the show, her appearance in Stranger Things has introduced us to a brand new character that combines awkwardness with humor and witty remarks. How about in real life, though? Is Maya Hawke gay or straight?

Maya Hawke is not gay like Robin; she is heteros*xual. Her Stranger Things character is lesbian gave rise to the rumors that she might be a lesbian. However, Maya has kept her dating life a secret. But she was still seen out with musician Spencer Barnett.

People’s interest in Maya’s personal life and s*xual orientation was piqued by her portrayal of Robin in Stranger Things. Even though she plays Robin convincingly on television, she is not a lesbian in real life. Accordingly, let’s learn more about Maya Hawke.

Who is Maya Hawke?

Maya Hawke is currently one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming actors. That’s because her portrayal of Robin in Stranger Things was so fantastic. This fan-favorite character first appeared in the third season of the critically acclaimed Netflix original. She soon established herself as a fan favorite thanks to her unique personality and witty one-liners and her likable interaction with another fan-favorite character, Steve.

The name Maya Hawke may not be instantly recognizable to the average moviegoer, but those following the industry for a while will recognize her. Why? Because her father, Ethan Hawke, is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood and has been for decades. He has just regained his former popularity. Maya Hawke was born into a marriage that ended in divorce for her parents, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, in 2005.

Maya Hawke, who looks just like her mother when acting, has inherited some of her father’s quirky traits. She was born into a blessed family, as she has inherited both her parents’ acting chops and their stunning beauty looks. Still, she became widely recognized because of her breakout role as Robin in Stranger Things.

Maya Hawke Early Life

Hawke was born to actors Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman on July 8, 1998, in New York City. Her parents first met while filming Gattaca (1997), tied the knot in May 1998, and separated in 2005. There is another sibling in Hawke’s life. Her father’s second wife, Ryan Shawhughes, also gave birth to two half-sisters for him. The wealthy businessman Arpad Busson, her mother’s ex-boyfriend, gave her another half-sister.

Hawke is related to the famous playwright Tennessee Williams through her father. Her maternal grandparents were the Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman and the model Baroness Nena von Schlebrügge, making her their grandchild. Birgit Holmquist, Schlebrügge’s mother, was also a model; she appeared in the statue Famntaget by Axel Ebbe, which may be seen at the moment in Smygehuk, Sweden.

Do You Think Robin Is A Lesbian On Stranger Things?

Do You Think Robin Is A Lesbian On Stranger Things

As Steve’s coworker in the lab, Robin, played by Maya Hawke, was introduced in Season 3 and she is also in Season 4. They shared a common liking for ice cream and ended up working together at an ice cream shop in a Hawkins shopping mall, where their friendship blossomed. Through Steve, Dustin and his pals were introduced to Robin, who became regular customers at the ice cream parlor where Steve worked.

After Steve ended things with Nancy in the first few seasons, it seemed inevitable that he would develop love feelings for his attractive coworker. Because they share the best chemistry of any pair on the show, viewers also assumed that Robin and Steve would end up together by the season’s end.

Is Maya Hawke Gay in Real Life?

In Stranger Things, Maya Hawke’s character, Robin, is not a lesbian. Maya’s dating life has been relatively discreet, and she doesn’t usually make public announcements about who she is seeing or dating.

In any case, Maya Hawke has been spotted out on dates with musician Spencer Barnett. In New York, the two were caught on camera going on a date and kissing each other. Accordingly, Maya Hawke is as*xual and gravitates toward the male company.

Spencer Barnett was born to Roger Barnett, the current CEO of the Shaklee Corporation, and Sloan Barnett, a former district attorney in Manhattan. Maya first introduced Spencer to her brother, Levon.

Maya Hawke’s past relationships corroborate her s*xuality. The following year, in July 2020, she was spotted with Tom Sturridge, who plays Sandman. We were together till the beginning of the new year in 2022.

Is Maya Hawke Dating?

Is Maya Hawke Dating

Like many famous people, Maya doesn’t like to talk about her romantic life publicly. On February 14, 2022, she and her boyfriend, Spencer Barnett, couldn’t help but display some PDA. Several images published in Daily Mail show the couple laughing and kissing as they stroll through New York City.

Similarly to Maya, Spencer seems to follow his musical love by going on tour. According to the Daily Mail, Spencer is the son of Shaklee Corporation CEO Roger Barnett and former Manhattan DA Sloan Barnett. Spencer seems to be friends with Maya’s brother Levon, which may explain how he and Maya became close.

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