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Pat McAfee Leaving WWE? McAfee New Deal with ESPN

An American sports analyst and professional wrestling color commentator, Patrick Justin McAfee have opened up on leaving the company temporarily to concentrate on ESPN’s ‘College GameDay.’

Since April 2021, he has been a significant member of the commentary team of SmackDown. McAfee has balanced his WWE career with his podcast and several other gigs.

Most Recently, he opened up on The Pat McAfee Show, about his experience while he was serving for SmackDown and ESPN’s College GameDay together. He shared that he wanted to keep up with the both gigs simultaneously however, WWE wasn’t in favor of it.  

McAfee New Deal with ESPN

According to The New York Post, the 35-year-old also entered into a new deal with ESPN for a full-time job for college football with ESPN’s College GameDay. 

McAfee leaving WWE has left fans concerned about who will be replacing him. According to Xero News, WWE would probably welcome Corey Graves for a while as McAfee’s replacement for the NFL Punter. He will still be bound to the company even after signing a new contract with ESPN.

Pat McAfee Opens Up on his temporary leave from WWE 

McAfee joined ESPN to serve as a full-time broadcaster for college league football. He participated actively in the first game between Alabama vs. Texas in Austin, Texas.

While addressing his leaving, Pat McAfee said “I had to talk to WWE first and see what their thoughts were. I was thinking about maybe doing both, how do I go about doing it? I did it one time whenever SmackDown was in Buffalo and there was a plane was stuck in the Middle East. They couldn’t get back, so Triple H called me, he is in charge of creative now. Triple H called me and asked, ‘Hey, can you get to Buffalo for SmackDown because we don’t have anybody?’ and I had College GameDay the next morning in Memphis. So Jim Irsay, this is my joke of my life, Jim Irsay gave me his fu**ing jet to fly to Buffalo and GameDay in Memphis the next morning. I was on like two hours of sleep but it was accomplishable.” 

Continuing the conversation, he also praised the WWE staff and also shared the discussion that he had before moving his entire attention to GameDay as of now.

McAfee shared he is available to get back to WWE anytime he desires to since he just said that SmackDown will be put “on hold” currently.

McAfee added “So the original thought for me was, I could do SmackDown and GameDay. I can do it. The folks at the WWE, who I have nothing but love, respect, and appreciation for, I’m talking old regime, new regime, whoever you think is in charge over there, I have nothing but great feelings towards. I reach out to them and chit chat with them, they were the ones who said, ‘ Hey man, if you’re going to do GameDay, which is a great opportunity, congratulations… you cannot be traveling overnight for the entirety of the season. It’s not good for your health, your family, it’s not good for anything. Whenever the time is right, we’ll have you, definitely be back in our family.’ So, SmackDown, will be on hold for a little bit while, me commentating, while I do College GameDay. I’m still very much in the WWE family.” 

Currently, McAfee’s replacement has not been announced yet on the blue brand moving further.

Final Words

Well, we wish Pat McAfee all the best for his new gig at ESPN. Let us know your views on his decision of leaving WWE and stay tuned with Venturejolt for more such news.

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