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Why Do People Enjoy Riding In A Kuiu Venture 1800?

KUIU’s first stand-alone day packs are the Venture 1800 and 2300. These day packs are designed for extended days in the field, featuring a sturdy CORDURA® fabric exterior, an internal aluminum and polycarbonate structure, and a well-thought-out hydration holder system. Two sizes are offered (Medium and Large) to accommodate various torso sizes (Large is recommended for individuals over 5 ft 11 in).

These packs are sold separately and are not designed to work with the PRO or PRO LT lines, but they are still of the same high quality. The Venture 1800 and 2300 are excellent choices for day hunts and reconnaissance excursions where a sturdy frame and load sling for carrying meat are unnecessary.

Over the past few months, I’ve lugged my Kuiu Venture 1800 all over the Northeast. It’s roomy enough for an overnight in the Whites but compact and lightweight enough to carry for a day of bear hunting in Erving State Forest. This pack has been indispensable; I took it on a 20-mile backpacking trip with Doug and Tim along the Kilkenny Ridge Traverse, a hiking trip with Ashley this summer in Vermont and Western Massachusetts, my weekly Sunday 3D archery shoots, and all my September bear hunts.

Why Do People Enjoy Riding In A Kuiu Venture 1800?

Several features of the Venture 1800 particularly appeal to me. For one, I can keep my field gear in impeccable order because of the bag’s various pockets. Some of my emergency and first aid supplies are stored in a lower interior pocket. Repair tools for the bow are stored in a separate compartment (tools, line, lighter, pliers). A third is reserved exclusively for food, and the fourth is stuffed with things like an emergency bow cover and gloves.

Moreover, there is an interior sleeve for my water bladder. Thanks to the many compartments, I can immediately get what I need without rummaging around in the pack. Moreover, the strap tie-downs are highly adaptable, allowing me to secure a large amount of stuff to the exterior of my pack when necessary.

Easy Transport

Having such a comfortable and easy-to-carry pack is fantastic. The hip belt distributes the weight so my shoulders don’t become sore carrying a heavy backpack, as it did on that Kilkenny Trip. The Venture 1800’s internal frame (a combination of aluminum and polycarbonate) distributes weight super-well on my shoulders, allowing me to carry a bit more while remaining balanced and without the need for the hip belt when the load is modest.

Built to Last

The pack’s resilience is unparalleled. 330D Cordura Ripstop construction means this pack can take being thrown to the ground, dragged against rocks, and pulled through dead trees without sustaining any damage. On my most recent hunts, I pushed it through its paces, and it still performs like new.


Because it works well with my bow hunting gear, this bag has quickly become my favorite. The fact that I can attach my arrows to the side of my pack using the side pocket and the adjustable straps has been remarked upon by many of the dudes I’ve met at the local 3D shoots as a nice feature. This removes the necessity for carrying a quiver, which is especially welcome in warmer climates. More so when I’m out hunting and need to sneak around undetected.


Kuiu Venture

  • There are two options for sizing: medium and large.
  • Those with a waist size of at least 28 inches can wear this belt.
  • The belt can be detached from the shoulder straps for usage as a belt.
  • The lumbar pad has nonslip siliconized dots.
  • Belts that can be tightened with a pull-cord
  • There are pockets constructed into the belt.
  • Dual Stuffit lateral pockets
  • Double zippered exterior pockets
  • There are three mesh compartments with a stretchy lining inside the bag.
  • Hook-and-mesh-sleeve hydration reservoir
  • Straps that squeeze the bottom are already included in
  • It fits standard bow and gun cradles
  • The modular system of adjustable compression straps
  • Packing: Two detachable compression straps
  • Fabric with a DWR and PU coating makes it waterproof.
  • Shoulder strap hose retainers and a zip-closed hydration port.

Contact the company’s customer service department if you need extra straps for your waist belt to carry a sidearm or bear spray. Keep following for more updates.

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