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Apple Far Out Event 2022: Check What’s Releasing

Apple Far out Event

Apple Far out Event

The Apple Far Out event is currently the topic of discussion amongst all tech lovers. Like all other Apple events, it is expected to have massive, and ground-breaking technologies that will change the way the world is using a device. The event is only a few hours away and the tagline “Far Out” has been teased already. This is going to be a massive event since many new releases are on the way. Well, Apple is notorious for its surprises and so, maybe, we can expect more than what we have already anticipated. Whatever it is, here is what we know about the Apple Far Out event and the upcoming big reveals.

When And Where Will The Apple Far Out Event Happen?

Start the countdown since the Apple Far Out event will be happening in Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters. It is going to start at 10 a.m. PT/ 1 p.m. ET on 7th September 2022 which is a Wednesday. It is confirmed that CNN Business will exclusively arrange the live coverage of the show. Undoubtedly, CEO Tim Cook and his proficient team have something extraordinary to uncover at the Apple Far Out event. 

Apple Far out Event

As a matter of fact, this year’s Apple Far Out event invitation displays a gorgeous night sky. The iconic Apple logo was formed by the constellation of stars which even led fans to believe that there would be a major upgrade in night-time or long-distance photography. The exact reason may not be known but the Apple Far Out event has a lot to offer.

What Will Be Released At The Apple Far Out Event?

It has been a decade and Apple never misses out on its events. So, you will get more than new iPhone models in the Apple Far Out event. Here is a list of everything to expect out of the Apple Far Out event.

iPhone 14 Series

This is definitely the most-anticipated drop of the Apple Far Out event. It is heard that the tech leader will be dropping a 6.7-inch iPhone, however, that will not be a Pro model. Thus, fans can expect to get a bigger screen but at an affordable price tag. Besides, the affordable line of mini-series may not be coming back.

Now, the new Pro models are expected to be slimmer and the notch around the front-facing camera system will also be removed from the new models. And photography enthusiasts, the good news for you is that the camera will have an upgrade. So, you can shoot 8K videos as well. Another major upgrade is that the iPhone might eliminate the Lightning port to introduce wireless charging via MagSafe.

Plus, it is anticipated that the physical SIM slot will be permanently removed since Apple is trying to switch to an eSIM-only design.

As reports claim, the price of the new iPhone 14 series will be higher than its predecessors. Analysts are predicting that there will be a $100 hike minimum. But that may not happen as well due to an 11% decline in profits as well as the effect of the pandemic.

New Apple Watches

Rumors that new Apple watches are also on the line. The Apple Far Out event is expected to reveal a brand-new Apple Watch Series 8 which is believed to have a new body-temperature sensor and several features to benefit a woman’s health. Even a new watch, Apple Watch Pro will be introduced. It will have excellent features including a body temperature sensor, fitness, and health features, special health features for women, redesigned watch faces, huge battery life, and more. Above all, it will be coming with an S8 chip. fans looking for affordability can buy the Apple Watch SE 2 which also comes feature-packed.

New iPads Are Launching

Hopefully, the new M2 iPad Pro will also be released on the same day. However, this might not happen in the Apple Far Out event because iPads are usually launched at different events. So, if the Apple Far Out event is planning to do so, it is massive.

The Apple Far Out event is going to be iconic as a lot of hopes are surrounding it. Moreover, new AirPods may also be on the way. So, the Apple Far Out event is only a few hours away and you just have to wait for all the information to be out.

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