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How Much Is Lee Major’ Net Worth In 2022?

Lee Majors first became public attention through his roles in several hit TV series, including The Big Valley and The Fall Guy. The attractive actor, however, shot to fame thanks to his performance as Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man. How much do you tink is Lee Majors’ net worth?

Lee Majors’ net worth can be calculated by deducting his debts from his total assets. His assets include his investments, savings, cash deposits, and whatever equity he may have in a vehicle, home, or similar asset. The term “total liabilities” refers to the sum of all monetary obligations.

Lee Majors Early Life

Lee Majors’ birth name was Harvey Lee Yeary, born on April 23, 1939, in Wyandotte, Michigan. Before Majors was born, his father was murdered in a workplace accident; before he was two years old, his mother was killed in an automobile accident.

He eventually went to Kentucky with his adoptive aunt and uncle and graduated from high school in 1957. He was a top performer on the football and track teams in high school.


Thanks to his abilities on the football field and the track, Majors was awarded a full scholarship to attend Indiana University. In 1959 he made a move to Eastern Kentucky University. The following year, he was paralyzed for two weeks after sustaining a catastrophic back injury in a football game, ending his undergraduate athletic career.

After his playing days at college, Majors decided to focus on his education and pursue a career as a football coach. In 1962, he earned a History and Physical Education degree from Eastern Kentucky University.

Lee Majors’ Career

After college, Majors was invited to try out for the St. Louis Cardinals football club, but he accepted the offer to work as the Recreation Director for North Hollywood Park in Los Angeles.

He went to Los Angeles and met James Dean’s agent, who encouraged him to try out acting. The young man’s childhood hero was Johnny Majors, a professional football player, and college coach, so he promptly renamed himself Lee Majors instead of Harvey Lee Yeary.

Majors was chosen from among hundreds of other hopefuls for the role of Heath Barkley in the ABC western series The Big Valley. He ended up staying in the position for over four years. While still being paid for his work on The Big Valley, Majors branched out into the world of television movies.

In addition, he was offered the primary role of Midnight Cowboy opposite Dustin Hoffman for a major motion picture. Due to scheduling conflicts with Midnight Cowboy, he could not accept the job on The Big Valley, and it went to Jon Voight, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance.

After The Big Valley was canceled in 1969, Lee Majors went on to star in several guest spots on other TV shows until landing his breakout role in The Six Million Dollar Man in 1973.

U.S. Air Force Colonel Steve Austin was an astronaut before he was injured in a NASA test mission, and Majors portrayed the part. His character was given bionic limbs to save his life; these enhanced his strength and speed to the point where he was practically superhuman. He also received a cybernetic eye with infrared and zoom capabilities, which he found helpful in his role as a covert spy.

The show aired from 1973 to 1978 and was a commercial phenomenon, selling everything from action figures and t-shirts to children’s lunchboxes.

ABC chose to create a new series starring Jaime Sommers, Steve Austin’s girlfriend. Cast in the lead role by Lindsay Wagner, The Bionic Woman debuted on television in 1975 and ran with The Six Million Dollar Man until their cancellation in 1978. Majors wasn’t going to let his fame from “The Six Million Dollar Man” fade away, so he gave us “The Fall Guy,” which was a smashing success.

Majors starred as the film’s protagonist, Colt Seavers, a stuntman and bounty hunter in the Los Angeles film industry. The show premiered to great acclaim in 1981 and lasted until 1986, rounding off a magnificent three-decade run on television. In 2006, he put on his acting gloves again and played Coach Ross on the CW Network’s The Game, a role he played until 2009.

Lee Majors’ Personal Life

Lee Majors
Lee Majors

Lee Majors has had four marriages and is the father of four kids. They had one child during their brief marriage (from 1961 to 1964).

His marriage to Farrah Fawcett was his most famous from 1973 to 1982. Both of them had hugely successful careers in the 1970s. Thus, they were viewed as a powerful couple in Hollywood. Fawcett adopted the surname “Farrah Fawcett-Majors” after she got married.

When Majors met and fell in love with Playboy Playmate Karen Velez in 1988, he wed her. They have three children: a daughter and a pair of boys. Separation and divorce occurred in 1994. He tied the knot with actress Faith Cross in 2002.

Lee Majors’ Net Worth

It’s estimated that Lee Majors, an American actor, is worth $15 million. Majors is most known for his roles as Heath Barkley in “The Big Valley” in the 1960s and Colonel Steve Austin in “The Six Million Dollar Man” in the 1970s. In the 1980s, his portrayal as Colt Seavers in “The Fall Guy” brought him much success.


On September 5, 1984, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his achievements in the television and film industries.

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