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Lexi Rivera Dating: What Do Fans Say About Andrew And Her Relationship?

Alexa Brooke Rivera (aka Lexi Rivera) is a 21-year-old American internet celebrity from Huntington Beach, California, best known as a popular YouTuber, TikTok star, actress, model, gymnast, social media influencer, content creator, and entrepreneur. As Brent Rivera’s sister, she enjoys massive popularity around the nation. If you want to learn more about Lexi Rivera dating and other details, start reading:

Let me tell you about Brent, one of the most famous people on YouTube. Like her famous brother, Lexi has found success on the Youtube video-sharing website. Over 8.56 million people are now subscribed to her official YouTube account (as of June 2022). The 24-hour challenges and travel vlogs she creates have also brought her fame.

Who Is Lexi Rivera, The YouTube Star?

As a stunning YouTube star, Lexi is well-known for her antics, travels, 24-hour challenges, and gymnastics-related content. Rivera has gained fame as an Instagram model and TikTok icon.

The rumors claim that Rivera is a professional gymnast as well. She’s also a model on the social media platform Instagram. Lexi has worked with other well-known companies as well. The YouTuber Brent Rivera has included her in a number of his videos.

Lexi Rivera’s Personal Life

Reports indicate that Lexi was born to a stable family on June 7, 2001, in Huntington Beach, California, United States. Lexi’s parents gave her the name Alexa Brooke Rivera when she was born. She firmly believes in the Christian faith. For those keeping track at home, Lexi Rivera is 21 years old as of her birth date.

On June 7th, 2022, she turned 21 and was greeted by loved ones and friends. She also shared pictures from her 21st birthday celebration online.


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Lexi Rivera (Ethnicity & Nationality)

Among the Rivera children, Alexa Brooke is the youngest. John Rivera, Lexi’s dad, is a very prosperous businessman. However, her mother, Laura Rivera, is also famous online. Her mother has also frequently appeared on YouTube films featuring Lexi and Brent.

For those curious, Lexi’s brothers are named Brent Rivera, Brice Rivera, and Blake Rivera. Her three brothers have all made names for themselves in online celebrity culture. The family’s YouTube channel is a source of pride for her.

Lexi Rivera’s Professional Career

In addition to her brothers, Alexa Brooke Rivera has begun creating videos for the video-sharing website YouTube. The first videos on Lexi’s channel reportedly appeared in August of 2010. At first, she recorded herself and her relatives in short clips. In subsequent years, Lexi worked with numerous prominent YouTubers, including Ben Azelart, Brent Rivera, Andrew Davila, Caleb Burton, Dom Brack, Jeremy Hutchins, Pierson Wodzynski, and others.

More than 8.56 million people are currently subscribed to her official YouTube account. Rivera’s videos mainly consist of pranks, vlogs, or challenges. Her films of 24-hour challenges have become viral throughout the country. I SURVIVED 24 HOURS IN A FISH TANK!! And 24 HOURS INSIDE A BANK VAULT!! These are just two of her viral videos on the video-sharing website. Also, Lexi has an official TikTok account where she posts dance and lip-syncs videos.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating At The Moment?

Ben and Lexi Rivera
Ben and Lexi Rivera

According to reports, Lexi Rivera has a relationship with prominent social media user Andrew Davila. Despite the lack of confirmation, the two have worked together frequently on social media videos and have known each other for quite some time.

After posting a video to her YouTube channel titled “MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND,” Lexi’s fans believe she is now officially dating Andrew.

It’s been said that she played a practical joke on her ex, Ben Azelart, by making him believe that she and Andrew were dating after showing him the video.

They are just excellent friends, she says at the beginning of the video, despite the hoax. Fans speculate that he and Lexi are secretly dating because he is constantly filming TikToks with her on their social media pages.

What Do Fans Say About Lexi and Andrew’s Relationship?

Some of Lexi’s followers didn’t believe her when she said she wasn’t dating Andrew in the comments area of the prank video she posted. “Realize how in every video she pranks ben like something flirting or something, she always uses Andrew, lol,” wrote one YouTube commenter.

Another commenter wrote, “‘Lexi and Andrew are simply friends, but you never know how love will finish,’ oh god, they’re in love.”

Yet another penned, “Why do you shatter Ben’s heart that many times, I feel so horrible for Ben?”


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Who Is Lexi Rivera’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Ben Azelart, Lexi’s ex-boyfriend and a popular YouTuber, Instagrammer, and social media personality, is also 18. On YouTube, he has about 7 million subscribers; on Instagram, he has over 5.7 million.

A YouTube video titled “We Broke Up” confirmed the couple’s divorce after they had dated on and off since she was 15 years old.

In an open letter to their supporters, Ben explained the separation like this: “I believe what was challenging was we wanted to make you guys happy, as well as make ourselves happy. But I think we just couldn’t pull off doing both. He continued by saying they should have some “independent” time together.


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