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House of Hammer Links Armie Hammer’s Charges To His Family History

Here you will read House of Hammer reviews and other related details. The term “House of Hammer,” although obviously meant to honor Armie Hammer and his family, also seems to allude to the British horror films distributed by the Hammer label from the 1950s to the 1970s. That’s because the three-part Discovery+ docuseries, which tries to establish a link between the scandal-plagued actor and the affluent dynasty from which he descended, is presented in an unpleasant manner reminiscent of a horror film.

Since 2021, when a lady said that Hammer had raped her, the police have been investigating allegations of s*xual assault against Hammer. He has not been charged and has denied any wrongdoing, stating through his lawyer that the claim, which stems from an alleged encounter in 2017, was “outrageous” and that his relationships with the woman and other partners have been “entirely consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance.”

On Thursday, a LA County District Attorney’s office representative said the inquiry is still ongoing. He added that after the material is provided, it would be assessed by a special prosecutor assisting law enforcement with the investigation.

Actor’s withdrawal from “Shotgun Wedding,” starring Jennifer Lopez, and “The Offer,” a streaming series based on the production of “The Godfather,” came as a result of the publicity surrounding the rape claim and the publishing of private Instagram DMs.

In a statement announcing his departure from the former, Hammer referred to the “online insults” he had received as “vicious and false.”

The first chapter of “House of Hammer” is dedicated to detailing the charges against Hammer, including interviews with two women, Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison. They claim to have had encounters with him.

The House Of Hammer Cast
The House Of Hammer Cast

In fact, “House of Hammer” goes much beyond that aspect of the story, expanding to include the “dark sins,” as Hammer’s aunt Casey Hammer describes it, associated with other members of the Hammer family, stretching back to the billionaire oil mogul Armand Hammer.

There are times when the show seems to go too far in its attempt to portray the purported behavior of the Hammers over the years as more than the excesses associated with power and privilege, but almost as some sort of inherited evil, with spooky music and cameras roving along shadowy hallways.

Since Casey Hammer has authored a book called “Surviving My Birthright” in which she makes allegations of abuse and other unsavory behavior committed by male family members, she has become a focal point of the docuseries. Partway through the documentary series, she meets up with Vucekovich and applauds her for having the bravery to come up, despite depictions of the online harassment she and others have endured.

There is a story to be told in “House of Hammer,” but the film’s sleazy approach is too scatterbrained to give its most intriguing elements justice. If you like thriller movies like House of Hammer, you can also read about It Chapter 3.

In particular, one could argue that the wealthy and politically influential Hammer family members have utilized their position to evade responsibility. Armand Hammer attended a private Palm Beach gala with Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1985, five years before his death, and a film showing him mingling with presidents, talk show hosts, and other members of high society lends credence to the breadth and depth of his contacts.

But it can be tricky to draw causal links between several claimed offenses that occurred at different times and across different generations. Yet, the film’s directors, Elli Hakami and Julian P. Hobbs, keep coming back to that topic, as well as more up-to-date inquiries about the “Call Me By Your Name” star and whether or not his career may rebound.

It’s easy to see why the media is fascinated by Armie Hammer’s mysteries. Still, it’s more challenging to determine how much of that interest can be explained by his background. Maybe that’s why “House of Hammer” feels like it was built on shaky ground by Discovery+.

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