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Lime Llewellyn Leave Love Island Reality Show So Early, Why?

why did liam leave love island

Love Island (UK), Season 8 went off aired in August but now it is back in controversies because of its cast. The actor of this show was confused to make their pair and one more bad news is that Liam announced to left the show. Because he remains single as his partner Gemma Owen was paid with Davide Sanclimenti. He is the first member to say goodbye to this romantic show, what is the truth behind leaving the show? To know more read here.

Why did Lime Llewellyn Leave Love Island?

Lime is a celebrity whom you can call beauty with a brain and now he left the reality show Love Island in just 4 days, let’s figure out the reason behind it. Before shooting he discussed his plan for season 8 with Daily Mail and “You can’t prepare for something like this,” he told. “I’m trying not to think about it, I’m going to jump in and see what happens.”

“I’m fully aware and I’ve been fully prepped by ITV throughout the whole process of how big this could get, or how little it could get,” Liam explained.

Before leaving the show he wanted to pair with Gemma Owen but Davide choose her and Lime remains single now. So, he decided to pack his bags and went home. He is upset also because he is leaving the show early and his fans also wanted to see him.

Lime Llewellyn Leave Love Island Reality Show So Early,

One fan tweeted, “Nooo nooooooooo nooooo Nooooooo NOT LIAM.” Another distraught fan put, “Omg I’m gutted.”

And a third commented, “Well I can see where he is coming from tbh, all the girls besides Gemma are much older than him and they look more mature when next to Liam. I liked Liam but I feel the show has left him down massively here! Could of least bring in another girl around his age (20 or 21)”

Other Actor, Who Left The Show?

In the previous seven seasons, there were many Islanders who came and went but everyone define his different problem for leaving. Before Lime Sherif, Lanre also exit from the show in 2019 and the creator said: “After breaking the villa rules, Sherif had conversations with the producers and it was mutually agreed that he would leave the Love Island villa.”

When it was examined that he attack Molly Mae Hague during the fight. Before him, Niall Aslam left and the reason is his personality which he did not share but years after he said: “I came out and talked about my Asperger’s and I was diagnosed at 10 years old, and that was basically the reason I left Love Island.”

“But what actually happened to me, I ended up watching Love Island in a psychiatric hospital in London – the Nightingale Hospital in London to be exact.”

“What I later found out is that I had something called stress-induced psychosis… I did not know what that was. Essentially what it is, you get so overwhelmed that you lose touch with reality.”


So many other actors are also on the list. But the show must go on, fans missed Lime but it was his individual decision. Hope you like this. Stay tuned with us for more updates like this.

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