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Who is Lark Related to on “Claim to Fame”? Fans May Reveal Identities

Who is Lark Related to on Claim to Fame

Who is Lark Related to on Claim to Fame

Viewers of Claim to Fame may have guessed who Lark’s supermodel relative is. The 24-year-old star of the ABC show, hosted by Kevin Jonas and his younger brother Frankie, has hinted that one of her celebrity connections is a famous model.

Twelve individuals with famous relatives fight for a $100,000 grand prize on the reality show Claim to Fame. While living together in a house without access to social media to help them figure out who their co-stars are, the contestants must maintain the identity of their famous relative a secret while also trying to determine the identities of their co-stars’ famous family members.

Each week, one competitor is designated as “the guesser,” and he or she must correctly identify another contestant’s celebrity connection or face elimination. If they accurately identify a player, that person has to pack up and leave.

So far, Chuck Norris’ grandson was eliminated on the first episode for having a cellphone in the competition, Zendaya’s cousin Michael was eliminated by Pepper in the second episode, and in the third show, Lark correctly predicted that X was connected to Laverne Cox, sending them home.

Who Does Lark From “Claim to Fame” Have a Connection to?

Claim to Fame fans are sure that Lark, whose full name is Lark Skov is Cindy Crawford’s niece. It’s no secret that Lark’s renowned aunt was a 1980s supermodel, as Lark has already stated on the show. As fans have since figured out, Crawford, 56, follows Lark on Instagram, which may indicate a familial connection.

Who Does Lark From Claim to Fame Have a Connection to

One viewer speculated that Lark was related to Cindy Crawford, tweeting, “#ClaimToFame Lark is so related to Cindy Crawford.” “Watching claim to fame and lark is cindy crawford’s niece yes maam,” wrote another.

Crawford’s children with husband Rande Gerber are also models: 20-year-old daughter Kaia and 23-year-old son Presley. Additionally, Kaia is one of Lark’s Instagram followers.

Who Are the Other People on “Claim to Fame” Related to?

Viewers of Claim to Fame already knew that Amarah was Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter, and a TikTok video gave them the impression that Logan was country music artist Jason Aldean’s cousin.

There is also strong evidence that Pepper might be the granddaughter of Dean Martin, a member of the Rat Pack. Twitter users are divided on whether or not Brittany resembles The Hills’ Lauren Conrad, while many believe that Kai is linked to Tiffany Haddish.

Speculation has shifted from a connection to Lonni Love to Rev. Al Sharpton as a possible relative for Dominique.

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