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Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant Again? Addresses Pregnancy Rumors!

Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant Again

Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant Again

In a July 10 Instagram live session, the 39-year-old rapper, singer, and songwriter, Nicki Minaj addressed the rumors circulating around her second pregnancy as she seemed to put on weight.

The rapper who gained popularity for her versatility and lyrics put an end to all those fans’ speculations when she was interacting with her fans on Instagram. In the middle of the session, a fan asked her if she is pregnant for the second time with her spouse Kenneth Petty.

Nicki Minaj answered saying “I’m not fat, y’all, I’m pregnant. Yeah, I meant to tell y’all, [but] I forgot.” And after that fans immediately started extending their good wishes to her and even a fan wrote “we knew it.”

With such responses from fans, Nicki began laughing before when she went silent thinking that she said it wrong. Nicki said “Oh wait,” adding “Did I say it wrong? I’m sorry. I think I said it wrong. I meant to say, ‘I’m not pregnant, I’m fat”.

Later, Nicki Minaj laughed again and apologized for her miswording. She said “But thanks, guys, for all the congratulatory messages,” adding “Oh my god.”

In September 2020, Nicki Minaj gave birth to her first child with Kenneth Petty. Over the last few years, they also faced controversy as her husband has been sentenced to a year of in-home detention along with probation of three years having failed to register as an s*x offender.

She has not revealed her son’s name currently though she is seen referring to him as ‘Papa Bear’ quite often over social media platforms.

So now, Nicki Minaj has shut down all the rumors surrounding her second pregnancy. We will keep you posted with more such news until then stay tuned with us only on Venturejolt.

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