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Debunked: Is Euphoria Canceled For Season 3 By HBO?

Is Euphoria Canceled?

Is Euphoria Canceled?

Fans of Euphoria are upset right now because of a rumor that HBO has officially canceled Season 3. However, we have enough evidence to prove that this is not true. Fans had nothing but good things to say about Season 2 of Euphoria, which showed Rue at her lowest point and the sad end of the duo Fez and Ashtray.

Sam Levinson directed and adapted Euphoria for HBO. It is based on the same-named Israeli miniseries. It stars Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi, Eric Dane, and others in a great ensemble piece that looks at the minds and relationships of high school students.

Is Season 3 of Euphoria Canceled?

No, HBO has not canceled Euphoria. After being renewed for a third season. The show is in its third season. Early in February, it was announced that Euphoria would have a third season with Levinson and lead Zendaya coming back.

Francesca Orsi, the executive vice president of HBO, had this to say about the show’s renewal, which Marie Claire reported:

“Sam, Zendaya and the rest of Euphoria’s cast and crew have taken season 2 to new heights, challenging the story’s form and conventions while keeping its heart.”

Where Did the Rumour Come From?

The first time people talked about ending Euphoria was when Barbie Ferreira said she wouldn’t be back for Season 3. But a Twitter account called @FilmUpdates recently noted that the show had been officially canceled.

When the post was looked into more, it was found that the Twitter account was, as it said in its bio, a “social experiment.” In the same thread, one of the user’s other tweets said, “I love lying on the internet.” The source for the story was the website Production Weekly, but there is nothing on the site that says the show was canceled.

Fans’ Responses to Fake News

After Ferreira said that Zendaya and other actors wouldn’t be back for Season 3, more false reports said that Zendaya and other actors wouldn’t be back. However, these reports were also wrong.

One fan said, “I just cried” because they thought the network had canceled Season 3.

Fans shouldn’t worry about the show being canceled out of the blue, considering how popular it is and how much Zendaya and Sam Levinson care about it.

Who In The Cast Will Return For Euphoria season 3?

Most of the regulars from season 2, like Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi, Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, Maude Apatow, Nika King, and Storm Reid, are expected to return for season 3. However, only Zendaya, Erin Dane, and Dominic Fike have been officially confirmed. Even though Angus Cloud and Chloe Cherry’s characters were arrested at the end of season 2, it’s possible that season 3 would follow their journeys in court or jail. (For his part, Dane told Esquire about Cal’s trip: “In the last season, we see Cal, and his journey back to consciousness is going downhill. But I’m pretty sure we don’t see Cal in jail or that he doesn’t see Nate behind bars “)

Euphoria Season 3 Cast

In August, Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat, said she wouldn’t be back for Euphoria’s third season. She wrote on Instagram, “After four years of getting to play the most unique and mysterious character Kat, I have to say a very teary goodbye.” “I hope many of you saw yourself in her as I did and that it was fun to watch her grow into the person she is now.” There had been rumors for months that Ferreira and Levinson, who created the show, fought.

Kathrine Narducci, who played Fezco’s grandmother when she was young, told ELLE, “I hope I go back. I had to wake up from that coma. I told Sam I wanted to wake up from the coma and find Laurie.”

It’s best not to get too attached to the Euphoria characters, though. Elliot’s actor, Dominic Fike, said that Levinson told him he could leave the show anytime. “Sam always let me know that I could leave. He told him, “Dude, if you ever want to be a musician, let me know, and I’ll kill you.”

What Could Happen In Euphoria season 3?

When she talked to Variety about Rue, Zendaya said: “Rue wants to be here, and it’s up to her now to make it happen. I hope that we’ll be able to learn more about her life and her journey to sobriety in the future. But for now, it sounds like the actors don’t know what will happen next in terms of the plot: “I have no idea. I’m so interested, “In a talk with Variety, Maude Apatow said. “We’ve heard rumors, but not much.”

Euphoria Season 2 Trailer

As per information, The Euphoria season 3 trailer is not coming yet. but, You can enjoy the Euphoria season2 trailer here.

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