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Horimiya: Where And How To Watch Anime Online?

Horimiya Where To Watch?

Horimiya Where To Watch?

There are many good anime to choose from these days, but fans would be making a mistake if they didn’t check out Horimiya, a new series based on a popular Japanese manga. Horimiya is made by CloverWorks Studios, which is a division of Aniplex. It’s about two high school students who seem to be complete opposites but quickly become friends outside of school and fall in love.

Horimiya will become your new favorite show because it is romantic and funny. Can I see Horimiya in the United States? How many Horimya episodes are there? Here’s all the information you need!

How Many Episodes Does Horimiya Have?

The Horimiya Wiki page says that the anime’s first season will have 13 episodes. “A Tiny Happenstance” and “You Wear More Than One Face” are the names of the first two episodes.

Horimiya Where To Watch?

How And Where To Watch Horimiya?

Depending on where you live, you can watch Horimiya in a few different ways. In Japan, the new anime series is on network T.V. and can be streamed on Netflix. However, people outside of Japan won’t be able to watch the show (unless they use a VPN). But fans in the U.S. have an easy way to watch Horimiya online…

How To Watch Horimiya In The U.S.?

Horimiya can be streamed on Funimation in North America and the United Kingdom, just like many other popular Japanese anime shows. Horimiya episodes will be added to Funimation as soon as they air in Japan each week. Fans must have a paid subscription to the anime-focused streaming service to watch. There are different plans to choose from, such as Premium ($5.99/month for two streams at once), Premium Plus ($7.99/month for five streams at once and offline downloads), and Premium Plus Ultra ($99.99/year for a lot of extras).

Horimiya Plot: What is it About?

Horimiya has entertained fans and viewers with the love story of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura from their high school days. The animated series is based on the Shnen manga series by Hiroki Adachi. CloverWorks made it.

The story of Horimiya is about Kyouko Hori, an excellent and popular girl who does well in school but wears simple clothes at home because she spends most of her time taking care of her younger brother. On the other hand, Izumi Miyamura may look like a bookworm, but she is having trouble in school.

They couldn’t be more different, but when their lives crossed, they proved that opposites attract. Slowly, they show each other who they are and start to accept each other for who they are. Eventually, they fall in love.

The opening song, “Color Perfume” by Yoh Kamimura, sets the tone for the whole series. It makes you feel like you’re watching a lighthearted high school romance.

Even though the second season hasn’t been confirmed yet, there is plenty of material to work with since the manga series is still going on and a few chapters haven’t been collected and released yet.

Where To Watch Horimiya Online?

Here’s where you can watch every episode of Horimiya:

Is Horimiya Available On Funimation?

Horimiya’s official home outside of Japan is Funimation. Horimiya is available in both English sub and English dubbed versions on Funimation. The English simuldub release of the show and the confirmed voice cast were just announced. At the moment, it is the only big streaming service that offers an English dub.

Horimiya Where To Watch?

Horimiya is shown in North America and the British Isles by Funimation. For $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year, Funimation’s premium users can stream new episodes before they are available to everyone else. Each episode is also available for free a week after the paid release.

Is Horimiya Available On Crunchyroll?

No, unfortunately, you can’t stream Horimiya on Crunchyroll. You can read about it in their news section, but you can’t watch it there. Still, Crunchyroll’s huge library of anime shows, such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Noblesse, and many more, has a wide range of anime content.


Is Horimiya on Hulu?

Horimiya is out in theatres and on Hulu at the same time, with English subtitles. Horimiya is available on Funimation, and it is also shown on Hulu. With this, it’s possible that the English dub will also be available on Hulu.


Is Horimiya on Netflix?

Horimiya is on Netflix, but only in the Netflix Japan region. It is not available in the U.S. region. Horimiya has more places to stream and air in its home country of Japan, where it was made. This includes Netflix Japan.

For people in the United States, Netflix U.S. also has other anime shows in the same style.


No matter where you choose to watch it, Horimiya will take you back to high school, where words fly faster than the speed of light. Having a high school romance makes you the most famous person, and young love is made and found.

Horimiya is shown weekly at 10:30 PM EST/12:30 PM JST on Funimation.

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