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Veilbreaker Update Adds 50th Warframe Styanax, New Story Quest and More Next Month

Digital Extremes has provided further information about the upcoming Veilbreaker update for Warframe, saying that it will release for all platforms somewhere in September and that players will have immediate, free access to Styanax, the sci-fi shooter’s 50th Warframe, for two weeks after its arrival.

You can learn all about Styanax, a “mighty and herculean” Warframe whose design is inspired by the ancient Greek hero Astyanax, in the animated Ascension Day trailer down below. Styanax’s arsenal includes the Axios Javelin, which can knock back foes on impact and do damage if they collide with a wall, and the Tharros Strike shield, which can deflect attacks, reduce foes’ shields and armor, and heal him after each successful strike.

Styanax can summon Final Stand, which causes him to leap into the air and hurl a barrage of javelins that will deal damage to nearby enemies upon impact, or he can use Rally Point to attract enemies to his position and restore the energy and shields of nearby allies (regeneration increases as the number of enemies near him grows). A direct hit deals more damage.

Warframe Styanax
Warframe Styanax

Away from Styanax, in Veilbreaker, fan-favorite New War character Kahl-175 returns in a new solo adventure. Players take control of Kahl as he sets out to discover the origin of a mystery signal emanating from a Murex ship near Deimos, using his enhanced talents and technology to do combat with an army of Sentients and the returning Archon bosses. In addition, Kahl may be used in a new set of weekly co-op objectives where players can advance their rank and acquire new cosmetic items.

Upon the release of Veilbreaker, we will also see the introduction of new cosmetics and adjustments to the Prime Vault program in Warframe based on player input, among other things. When the release date gets closer, we’ll provide more information about the latter.

Veilbreaker’s release date has yet to be announced, but it will debut next month on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch all at once. Then, in “winter 2022,” Warframe will get the massive Duviri Paradox expansion.

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