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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13: Here Is The Ultimate Revelation of The Season Finale

Remember the executive producer, John Wells of “Animal Kingdom” saying to TVLine back in 2019, “We don’t expect anybody to be alive by the time we get to the end” after Ellen Barklin’s viperish Smurf was killed off from the heated show? So, it’s time to know if that is what lies in the fates of the TNT drama. To spill certain information, a few of the main characters have managed to come back to the sixth season finale without getting killed. Scattered with many different gory details, “Animal Kingdom Season 6” have been quite intense in the minds of the viewers. The final chapter has been a thriller and fans had all the right to be emotional.

We do not want to hold you back any longer and share all the details of the show that you have been longing to hear. So what happened in “Animal Kingdom Season 6”? With as many as six seasons and seventy-five episodes, “Animal Kingdom Season 6” was the season finale that all the fans needed. Here is the breakdown of the final episode.

Double Cross

The episode name “FUBAR” started with J’s double cross. After extricating Pope when he was on the prison transfer bus, J had exposed the Smurf’s house by laying tracks that led the cops to it. Further, a burner phone was used by him for giving tips to the authorities about the exact storage unit location where the stashed cash, hidden artillery, and getaway cars were hidden by his uncle.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Cast
Animal Kingdom Season 6 Cast

‘Maybe You Should Go Without Me’

The cops pay a sudden visit to J’s place and Penny becomes his reluctant alibi. This twist had shaken her to the core and she ditched the plan of eloping with her loverboy. The stone-cold killer J decided to “fatally dose” Penny’s cocktail and after she died, he definitely wept a lot.

‘This Is How It Has to Be’

When they were in the desert, Pope, Deran, and Craig went inside a house, in fact, broke into it, and guess what, the sirens inside went louder each and every time. They cannot escape since the Codys will out them. So, what could be done? Well, Pope insisted that Craig and Deran escape the place and Pope will stay back. Though it looked like a suicide mission for Pope, he claimed “We’re gonna be all right… I’ll come to find you.” 


Yes, Pope survived whereas Craig and Deran were in a convenience store. When you were taking up some cash and a first-aid kit, the owner’s son shot Craig. Deran tried convincing them that everything will be fine, but Craig was slowly dying. 

Judgment Day

The day has finally come when Pope went to Smurf’s house and choked J. He then proceeded to tie J in a chair by the poolside and said,  “You set us up to die!”. Of course, J had no signs of remorse and even claimed that he feels this to be justified when it comes to betraying his family. J said, “You deserve it,” then spat, “all of you, for what you did to my mom. You could’ve saved her, but you didn’t.”

“It’s All My Fault”

After Pope was done with J, he recalls that moment when Smurf said to pregnant Julia about taking her to rehab but was actually dumping her under the bridge. As a result, he thinks he is the one to be blamed for everything.

R.I.P Andrew

Though Pope released J by saving him from drowning after all the guilt has hit him, he then chose to “set the house on fire, laid down by the pool and die”. He saw the photo of himself and Julia before laying his last breath.

The ‘Winner’ Is

The series ends and we got to see who the winner is. Well, it is none other than J enveloped in luxury. He did succeed in snatching everything that once belonged to Smurf. But what was the price he had to pay? Well, you saw what it was.

“Animal Kingdom Season 6” was as thrilling as it can get and the finale season was worth waiting for. The show ended but it did leave us with thrill and clarity. So, will you miss “Animal Kingdom”?

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