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Who Is Smokey Nagata? Is He Still Alive or Dead In 2022?

If you are someone who loves fast cars and a lot of innovation in the cars, Smokey Nagata or “Kazuhiko” is a name that you will recognize and resonate with, just like that. A legend in himself in the automobile community, Smokey Nagata has done a lot of things with his cars and never shied away from tuning his automobiles into beasts. Smokey Nagata is also well-known for founding some incredible and popular auto parts and his own tuning company. 

Just at the age of 15, Smokey Nagata got his very first car, and with the help of the boss of the local Toyota, not only he tuned the car but also turned his Galant GTO into a racing car that impressed everyone. He has amazing skills when it comes to tuning and setting up cars and from a very early age, he enjoyed driving around the mountains of Hokkaido. He founded his own company in the 1990s which became widely popular for its illegal Wangan high-speed runs and professional drifting. A widespread rumor however has circulated for quite a long time about this automobile legend and raised curiosity amongst all, Is Smokey Nagata still alive? 

Who Is Smokey Nagata And What Has He Done?

But before we get into the details about Is Smokey Nagata still alive? It is important to know he is so popular in the automobile community and what all magic he did with his cars. Smokey Nagata is not just an automobile expert who loves pimping up his rides, he is a Japanese automobile engineer who is also the CEO and founder of the Top-Secret Company Limited. This automobile enthusiast is also a legendary racer alongside being a top automobile engineer in Japan. In his years of magic, he has tuned up many high-speeding cars in the professional Drifting and Circuits of Japan which earned him fame, popularity, and tremendous respect. 

is smokey nagata still alive?

As an automobile expert, he is quite well-known in his circle and has earned a lot in his lifetime through his business and various sponsorships. The diverse collection of automobiles that he has assembled on his own is a great example of all he has achieved in his lifetime. His interest in cars has always influenced him to combine components from various manufacturers and create Frankenstein-like, bright gold Vmax machines. Over the years, Smokey Nagata has driven multiple vehicles including every iteration of the famous GT-R and in his R33 Skyline GT-R achieved a 0-300 kph in 17 seconds at Yatabe. He also reached 204mph in the tunnel which inspired him for the A1(M) run.  

Smokey Nagata’s Net Worth And Success

When it comes to the net worth and how much Smokey Nagata owns, not only he has earned the fandom among car enthusiasts but has also earned a fortune with his incredible talent for tuning race cars. His total net worth is still under review but is assumed that he has a net worth of about $5 million. His company, the Top Secret Company Limited is well-known for making high-end car parts and sponsoring various car races. Ryuki Miki, who represented Top Secret in 2004 won the 2004 Japanese D1GP. Smokey Nagata actively works with some of the fastest cars in the industry. 

Smokey Nagata

Is Smokey Nagata Still Alive?

At one time, a rumor spread across that Smokey Nagata died while he was driving his car at excessive speeds but later on it was discovered that this was just a rumor and contained no facts. As of todayl, Smokey Nagata is engaged in careers in Japan and actively participates in various engineering jobs. His reports of demise were all false and this revolutionary auto mechanic is still quite well and healthy.

On 4th November 1998, at about 4.00 am in the morning, Smokey Nagata pulled a stunt and pinned the accelerator to create a gigantic burnout in the middle of the roadway. This stunt of his pulled in a lot of attention as it emitted a tremendous amount of tire smoke. Smokey Nagata was driving his 1003bhp, gold-painted Toyota Supra during this event. Later he was pursued by the British Police which resulted in him fleeing away to Japan.


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