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Is Gus Fring Gay? Better Call Saul Season 6 Confirms The Rumors 

Ever since we saw Gustavo Fring in “Breaking Bad,” we couldn’t stop thinking about him and his sexuality. Now, with “Better Call Saul,” the speculations regarding Gus Fring have been confirmed. Giancarlo Esposito left an undisputable impression on the fans’ minds with his character of Gus Fring. You can call Gus to be ruthless but his intellect has helped him attain the position he enjoys today. Moreover, Gus has quite a dual identity, a drug lord or a fast food restaurant owner, whatever you might like to call him. But what about his personal life? It is as blank as it can be! Zero friends and family and, of course, no lover at all. Many say Gus is exclusively married to the work he loves so dearly.

But is that the valid reason or is it something else? Fans are guessing that maybe Gus is gay and that’s why he was never interested in building a personal life. Well, the answers are here and it has been clarified in “Better Call Saul.” So, find out the truth here.

Is Gus Fring Gay? “Better Call Saul” Reveals The Truth

After “Breaking Bad” introduced us to Gus Fring, his sexuality was always under the fans’ radar. Remember how he has spent years against the cartel just because his friend and business partner Max Arciniega was murdered? The passion to seek revenge hinted repeatedly that Max may have been not only a business partner but more than that. At the end of “Breaking Bad,” fans thought this doubt would never be addressed by the show makers. 

Is Gus Fring Gay?
Is Gus Fring Gay?

But the fire of speculation was ignited again when the fountain that Gus had built to honor Max was revealed in the show. You may have seen Hector and Lalo Salamanca throwing homophobic insults at Gus, taunting him, and even calling Max his “boyfriend.” However, the entire situation was never clarified in “Breaking Bad” and also not in “Better Call Saul.”

This was a dig at his questionable sexual orientation of Gus. But it can also just be a general homophobic attitude that has been prevalent in society for quite a long time.

But things took a turn for good as in “Better Call Saul” season 6, the revelation was made that Gus Fring is genuinely homosexual. So, the scene went like that after Gus had a very stressful interrogation for Lalo Salamanca’s murder, Fring chooses to visit his favorite wine bar. How he interacted with all the staff members clearly hints that Gus frequents this place quite often.

While talking to David, an employee who is well-acquainted with them, they start to discuss their shared love for wine. As David keeps talking, Gus is “hypnotized” in the conversation. As a matter of fact, Gus recalls the moment when he bought an expensive wine bottle just by listening to one of David’s stories. The scene clarified Gus’s sexuality despite no further romantic involvement. He is indeed gay and prefers men over women.

What Was The Status of Gus & Max’s Relationship?

This very detailed wine bar scene did make it clear that Gus loved Max and yes, all brownie points go to the fans for guessing it right. It was the cause of the love that he had for Max that led him to rebel and sought revenge against the cartel gangsters.  However, in “Breaking Bad” season 4, when Max was defending Gus, he claimed that he loved Gustavo as his brother. So, maybe this was just the one-sided love Gus and Max didn’t know about. Or maybe, since the cartel cannot be called a pro-LGBTQ+ environment, Max just said that to protect their love amongst the community.

Gus Fring
Gus Fring

Whatever the reason, it is for sure now that Gus Fring is gay and fans are living for this moment. The show is already iconic and with the inclusion of this diversity, it has become more legendary. So, did you ever guess about Gus Fring being gay or was this just another piece of new information to you?

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