Why Did jimmy Leave Gator Boys? What Happened?

It’s likely that squaring off with alligators doesn’t sound like a good time to you. That’s the sort of thing that’s keeping Paul and Jimmy, the Gator Boys, on their toes. Like two peas in a pod, they are unafraid of everything and everyone, and as a result, they have become the go-to guys in Florida when residents encounter lethal 1,000-pound reptiles in unexpected places like master suites, swimming pools, or outdoor cafes. Here you will read why did Jimmy leave Gator Boys?

To prevent them from falling into the hands of trappers who kill and sell them for their skin and meat, the members of “Gator Boys Alligator Rescue” use only their bare hands to rescue nuisance gators and relocate them to safety.

Gator Boys Cast

Jimmy Riffle

Jimmy Riffle has starred in films such as Gator Boys (2012) and Tanked (2011), while his television credits include Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (2009).

Paul Bedard

Among the films in which Paul Bedard has appeared are Naked Soldier (2012), Gator Boys (2012), and Tanked (2009).

Ashley Lawrence

Gator Boys starred Ashley Lawrence, who is also an actor (2012).

Why Was Gator Boys Canceled?

In the performance Gator Boys, a minor cast member became famous for hand wrangling and fighting alligators found in public or inconvenient places, and the story of his incredible experiences was portrayed. Next, they’d release it back into the wild or bring it to their wonderful Everglades Holiday Park, a popular tourist destination in the heart of alligator territory in Florida.

The cast members’ skill in handling potentially harmful reptiles without resorting to instruments like hooks, ropes, or cages drew viewers from all over the world and gave the show an edge over hundreds of rival alligator shows. It boosted the show’s massive popularity by making it more exciting and relatable overall.

The show debuted in 2012 and ran for six successful seasons before being terminated in 2014. In 2020, it will have been six years since the show was canceled, and we still won’t know why. Though none of our analyses have yielded a definitive explanation, we have a sound theory to explain the phenomenon. As is customary with reality television, “Gator Boys” was met with skepticism.

Why Did Jimmy leave Gator Boys?

Why Did jimmy Leave Gator Boys
Why Did jimmy Leave Gator Boys

American reality shows Gator Boys debuted in January of 2012. In the Everglades of Florida, two men named Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle make a living by capturing invasive species of alligators. Paul and Jimmy are two brave individuals who have become Florida’s go-to guys when people encounter potentially lethal, one-thousand-pound reptiles in unlikely places like swimming pools, outdoor cafes, and even master bedrooms.

The mission of Gator Boys Alligator Rescue is to round up these reptiles and relocate them to safety before they are killed by trappers who sell their meat and skin. Paul and Jimmy seem to still be actively pursuing their alligator-catching career despite the fact that the show ended in 2014. They are using social media to advertise a number of wildlife-related events and informative roadshows.

Possession Of Wildlife Contravening

While alligators are a persistent issue for Floridians, the law against their hunting and ownership remains rather stringent. You need the proper documentation to operate with these stunningly lethal reptiles.

Paul Bedard, of the ‘Gator Boys,’ was out in a parking lot photographing some amazing scenes when he was approached by two police officers who demanded to know whether or not he had the proper permits to handle the alligator, which is protected under the law as Class II Wildlife. In the end, Bedard did provide a license, but it was made out to his co-star Jimmy Riffle, who was nowhere to be found at that time.

Bedard faces six months in prison or $500 bail if found guilty. Even Paul Bedard, who attempted to settle the case in court without an attorney, said that he did not think it was a big deal because it happened in 2012. However, we are exploring every avenue to discover the show’s demise, and scandals surrounding the law are usually a hot topic.

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