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Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery: Her Before and After Pictures



Dove Cameron plastic surgery: It is said that plastic surgeons are seeing an uptick in requests for teen facial cosmetic treatments, with many attributing the trend to the patient’s desire to look like their favourite celebrities. It’s common knowledge that Kylie Jenner began receiving lip fillers at the tender age of 16 and that Bella Hadid disclosed that she had a nose operation when she was just 14 years old. This article is about Dove Cameron plastic surgery before and after pictures.

There’s another famous person whose surgeries might have escaped public notice, though: 26-year-old Dove Cameron. The colour of her skin was initially what drew my attention to the Descendants star many years ago. I still haven’t seen a celebrity on the red carpet with such beautiful skin.

Dove has a little button nose and lovely lips and eyelashes. She looked like a living, breathing Barbie doll until she dyed her hair brown, and that got me thinking. Is it just the makeup, or has Dove also worked on her face?

Check out how she’s changed since 2008 in terms of her appearance.

Dove Cameron plastic surgery


Our first snapshot is from 2008 when Dove was only 12 years old. Unlike now, though, she wasn’t known as Dove when she first started out in the industry; rather, she was known as Chloe Hosterman. As you can see, it’s not just her name that was odd. Her lips were on the thin side, and her natural hair colour was light brown; she also had a noticeable hump down the bridge of her nose.

The Disney Decade, 2013–2016


After formally changing her name to Dove at age 17, she found success with the TV show Liv and Maddie. Case in point: take a look at her skin. Absolutely flawless and radiant! However, her lower lip shows she has experimented with fillers, and her nose’s tip hints at a probable early rhinoplasty. Additionally, the area in-between her eyes, known as the bridge, appears unnaturally low. The possibility that she had plastic surgery to create her signature dimples is even being discussed.

On The Red Carpet Of 2013

She then cut off some of her hair, or at least took off the extensions, and coloured it a strawberry blonde that blended in better with her own hair. Here, her lips appear less artificial and her nasal bridge isn’t as low (but it might be enhanced with filler, too!). Also notice her cleft chin, because that alters later on.


“Vampire Academy” in 2014


Dove maintained the reddish blonde hair for the better part of 2014, accessorising it with dramatic long lashes, natural makeup, and slightly over-plucked brows (she was 18 at this point). If she did have filler in her upper lip, it is mostly gone now, since it is returned to its prior thinner shape. I wouldn’t know she’d had plastic surgery if I only saw happy pictures like this one.

Celebrating The 100th Episode of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” in 2018


Dove has maintained its traditional white-blonde shade in 2018. To further separate herself from her Disney persona, she began to experiment with more daring hair and makeup styles, like this long braid and smoky cat eyes. There appears to be no end in sight to the use of lip fillers. Even when she applies lipstick, some of the inner tissue shows through.

Plumped and Pulled, Effective 2019-2020


Dove’s face had transformed once again by the time she was 23 years old, and it wasn’t because she’d finally lost the baby fat. Her features are so symmetrical and her cheekbones are so pronounced that I can only presume she underwent more injections. Observe how the gap in her chin has been closed and how the tails of her eyebrows are lifting.

The GLAAD Media Awards of 2022


Dove has clearly not gotten sick of being a brunette, as she sported a nearly black ‘do in 2022. (How can she look good with both blonde and black hair?!) Meanwhile, she has a new appearance on her face. We are already familiar with her lips and nose, but now her cheeks, chin, and the space between her eyelashes and eyebrows stand out more prominently.

Dove Cameron Before and After Plastic Surgery

After and Before

Does this photo prove that Dove Cameron did not undergo any sort of cosmetic enhancement? Pictures don’t lie, and it’s probable that she began altering her appearance while still a teenager.

Dove’s mom, Bonnie Wallace, wrote a book called The Hollywood Parents Guide: Your Roadmap to Pursuing Your Child’s Dream, which might explain the oddity. She says, “When my daughter Dove was 14, I packed up her headshot, her resume of community theatre performances, and her dream and we relocated to Los Angeles from an island in Washington State.”

According to Dr Daniel Barrett, “the nose is substantially larger [before] in the middle vault.” You can’t tell anything was there before, and the central vault is much more clearly seen. To my knowledge, only a rhinoplasty can provide that result.

Dr Charles S. Lee agrees that she may have had plastic surgery done, specifically on her nose. She clearly shows bone and cartilage constriction in the nose tip area. Clearly, she’s had lip filler; I’d estimate that she used at least two syringes. I notice a slight reduction in the width of the chin. Since the shift is minor, I think I can get away with using filler.

Her brows and eyelids also appear to have been rejuvenated. Is it just temporary makeup or did she take Botox?

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