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How different Anne Hathaway personality ? Here is about her career starting in Entertainment Industry…

Anne Hathaway is an actress who rose to prominence after appearing in the 2001 Disney’s “The Princess Diaries,” where she portrayed the lead role. She has also received many awards that including a Golden Globe Award, an Academy Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award as well.

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Anne Hathaway Biography

Anne was born in Brooklyn, New York City on November 12, 1982. Her father was a lawyer whereas her mother was an actress. Anne relocated to New Jersey when she was a child along with her two siblings. Since her childhood, she wanted to become an actress just like her mom but her parents were hesitant to let her follow her dream.

While attending high school, she used to play soccer and also did a number of school plays. Around this time only she took her acting career seriously and landed several popular acting projects and theater groups. Anne Hathaway then attended Vassar College to study English and political science. But she dropped her college studies to completely focus on her acting career.

How She Started Her Career in the Entertainment Industry?

Anne Hathaway started her acting career as a teenager in 1999 when she appeared in the TV series “Get Real.” The year 2001 brought her breakthrough when she made her way to Disney’s “The Princess Diaries,” which was a huge hit grossing $165 million at the box office. The same year she appeared in another Disney film named “The Other Side of Heaven,” but this could not please audiences and was indeed unsuccessful.

She then appeared in “Ella Enchanted” which was also a flop. Though “The Princess Diaries 2” turned out to be a hit at the box office, the critics didn’t give a thump up to it. Later, she isolated herself from child-friendly roles to evade being typecast and landed the cast of “Havoc” where she appeared n*de but the critics didn’t find the film worthy to be appreciated. In 2005, Anne Hathaway subsequently appeared in 2005’s “Brokeback Mountain” where she portrayed the spouse of one of the lead characters, and this time, critics praised her performance.

The 2006 film titled “The Devil Wears Prada,” showed another level of Hathaway’s acting skills when she appeared with Meryl Streep. The film grossed $326 million at the box office worldwide and it also turned out to be her turning point. She then appeared in the 2007 film titled “Becoming Jane,” but the Jane Austin documentary didn’t get that level of praise from critics.

How She Started Her Career in the Entertainment Industry?

She also appeared in some less popular roles in the films like 2008’s “Get Smart,” 2009’s “Bride Wars,” and 2008’s “Passengers.” In 2010, she appeared in “Valentine’s Day,” which was a massive hit and grossed more than $215 million. The same year she appeared in “Alice in Wonderland” opposite Johnny Depp. The film was successful commercially and earned more than $1 billion. Later, Hathaway returned to reprise her role in the 2016 sequel “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” The year 2010 proved to be quite a hectic year for her as she also appeared in “Love & Other Drugs,” where she was once again seen n*de. 

In 2011, Hathaway voiced a character in the anime movie titled “Rio,” which was another hit and grossed more than $484 million at the box office. Subsequently, she also returned to reprise her role in the 2014 sequel. Audiences were immensely impressed by her performance in the 2012 film “The Dark Knight Rises,” where she portrayed Catwoman. Critics also praised her performance and were commercially successful with box office earnings of more than $1 billion. The same year she landed the cast of “Les Miserables,” and her performance in the film was praised by critics as well.

Hathaway then appeared in the 2014 sci-fi film titled “Interstellar.” The next year she starred in “The Intern.” In 2018, she appeared in the film “Ocean’s 8.”

Anne Hathaway Properties

Hathaway listed her Connecticut home for sale in 2018 for $2.7 million. That home was acquired by her for $2.79 million. The 4,500 square feet abode features huge living space as well as opulent outdoor gardens.

The report came out in 2020 that she has listed her house in New York City for a selling price of $3.5 million. The property is located on the top floor of an old mansion built over 100 years ago. The house was acquired by her in 2016 for $2.55 million.

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