Is Nick Jonas, the spouse of Priyanka Chopra, “GAY”? Here is what Selena Gomez, his ex-girlfriend, has to say.

Nick Jonas, the love of Priyanka Chopra’s life, is her husband. Their fans are inspired by their friendship and camaraderie and long for similar relationships. Nick Jonas had a romance with Hollywood singing phenomenon Selena Gomez before he wed Priyanka Chopra.

And during their recent conversation, the journalist questioned the American singer about Nick Jonas’ sexual orientation because he is referred to as a gay character in the television shows Scream Queens and Kingdom and some of his fans want him to be gay in real life. Selena responded to the interviewer in the strangest way possible and stated, “Zero. I dated him “. The crowd applauded the girl.

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Is Nick Jonas Gay
Is Nick Jonas, Gay

Nick and Selena

Nick and Selena reportedly had an item throughout their one-year romance and weren’t serious about it. Their romance began in 2008 and lasted till 2009. Nick and Selena are the ones who are most aware of the cause of their split. Following his split from Selena, Nick started dating the desi lady Priyanka Chopra, and they were married a year later.

The talk of Hollywood was all about their relationship. Additionally, because PeeCee is 10 years older than Nick, the pair later received a great deal of online criticism. Nick Jonas is one of the most attractive men, and he broke the hearts of all of his followers. The love between Nick and Priyanka Chopra surprised many fans, and their spectacular wedding was one of the most awaited events of the year. Priyanka wore a Ralph Lauren gown and a 75-foot veil for the three-day ceremony, which mixed a Christian and Hindu wedding.

It was held in Jodhpur. Maltie Marie Chopra was the name given to the couple’s first child, who was born via surrogacy. When Priyanka and Nick share their lovey-dovey photos, their followers frequently lose it. – Online dovey pics Selena was probed about Nick’s sexuality by chat show presenter Andy Cohen in 2018, and she responded humorously. When she inquired about him, he responded, “The handsome Nick Jonas, who gets more beautiful by the day, has recently played gay characters in Scream Queens and Kingdom.

This guy should be gay, say all gay men. Not me. How homosexual would you rate Nick Jonas on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the gayest?” I dated him, Selena retorted. equal to zero. At this, the audience exploded in applause. Selena had previously discussed Nick and whether the fact that Miley and she both dated him led to a dispute between the two in 2016.

We never fought. When we were both sixteen, we admired the same boy. Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff were just saying, “Oh, my God, we like the same boy!” We’ve settled down nicely in our own lives now, she told W magazine.

Additionally, artists Justin Bieber and The Weeknd have dated Elena. Recently, there have been rumors that she is dating producer Andrea Iervolino. But according to a source who spoke to US Weekly, “Selena and Andrea go way back and spend her birthday together many times before. After collaborating on In Dubious Battle in 2016, they had grown close over the years. Although they enjoy a great time together, there is no romance present. Only Murders in the Building now features Selena, and Nick Jonas is scheduled to perform.

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When Priyanka Chopra’s partner A man and Nick Jonas were on camera having s*x! has some scheduled performances

Yes, as we all know that Nick Jonas has dated many divas in Hollywood, but many still believe that he is gay. The more surprising part is he once technically had gay sex, onscreen though. In an old interview with The Sun, Nick had admitted that he had shot for a gay s*x scene for the drama series, Kingdom. However, he had denied being gay.

He had stated, “On Kingdom, I have a sex scene with a guy,” in an interview. Nick and I have always had this issue. No. Even if I’m portraying a character, it’s still my lips, hands, and body. Since I technically have done that, I won’t claim that I haven’t because that would be a lie.

Nick, though, is extremely honest about who he is and that he has nothing to prove, he continued. I’ve been honest about the fact that I know who I am. Even though Nick denied being gay, his travels to gay bars and his activities on behalf of the LGBT community have raised questions about his sexual orientation among the public. Interestingly, PeeCee had once told a US chat show host that the experience of being tied up on stage at a gay nightclub was ‘erotic’ for him.

Nick Jonas Opens Up About His Sexuality

Regarding his sexual orientation and suspected gay-baiting, Nick Jonas has had to put up with a lot of rumors. The actor-singer responded directly to both charges in the February/March 2016 issue of Complex:

“Since my fan base is my fan base, regardless of whether it is gay or straight, [I] am open and at ease about appreciating it as a heterosexual man. Your sexual preference shouldn’t matter to anybody, even myself. Given that I portray this gay character on the realistic show Kingdom, I thought [the criticism] was a little silly. Gay sex is prevalent. I kissed a guy.”

Then Jonas began to discuss why sexual orientation truly shouldn’t matter: “Acceptance on all levels should be the main objective. To party with my friends and supporters, I’ve been to regular clubs, straight clubs, and homosexual clubs. There is no distinction. I have no case to make. I’m grateful to have so many close gay friends who have supported me in my life and who have always been there for me. I feel quite at ease in my flesh.”

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