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Who is Emily Ratajkowski Ex-husband and What Does He Do for Living?

We know Emily Ratajkowski as a supermodel but do we know about her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard? Well, let’s find out about him in this article below. Sebastian was raised in New York City. His father was an artist whereas his mother was a filmmaker. He was creative as a child and decided to follow in his parent’s footsteps by becoming a producer. Some of the successful films produced by Sebastian include Uncut Gems (2019) and Good Time (2017). 

The rumors of Emily Ratajkowski dating Sebastian Bear-McClard started spreading in 2018. They got married within a couple of weeks of their relationship the same year. Later, in March 2021, Emily gave birth to her first child with Bear-McClard, son Sylvester Apollo. Here’s what Sebastian Bear-McClard does for a living and some of his works.

Sebastian Bear-McClard is a producer and actor 

In 2017, he started his career as a producer with the film titled “Good Time” in which Robert Pattinson starred. Apart from that, his works also include a number of indie films like 2014’s “Heaven Knows What” and 2006’s “Still Life.” The New York-based writer/director/producer duo, Joshua and Ben Safdie, formed Elara Pictures in 2014 in partnership with Bear-McClard and producer Oscar Boyson.

He received multiple nominations for Gotham Independent Film Awards, like Best Feature Film for Good Time. Heaven Knows What brought him a nomination for an Independent Spirit Award in 2014.

Worked in Uncut Gems

In 2019, he also produced the thriller film titled “Uncut Gems” which starred Adam Sandler and Julia Fox. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said “We had trouble sourcing a real one and trouble figuring out how to get the art department to build what was in our heads,” adding “So, I ended up taking over the design and execution.”

Further he continued “In the middle of the night after a shoot, I had to wine and dine some opal traders who were visiting from Australia to convince them to lend us their very special opals that ended up being little pigments in our larger rock opal.”

Sebastian’s family background

As mentioned above, Bear-McClard’s father is an artist. During an interview with PEOPLE, Bear-McClard’s uncle Peter McClard said “Michael was a teen rebel in the 60s and decided he was an artist and graduated with honors from San Francisco Art Institute and moved to New York,” adding “He is an amazing artist. Sometime in the ’70s he met Sebastian’s future mother, Liza Bear, a filmmaker and co-founder of Avalanche, an art magazine.”

He further added, “Sebastian was a great, totally New York-bred kid and spent his youth being dragged to cool art events, parties and surrounded by the hippest of the hip New York art scene in the 80s and 90s.”

Fat Jewish meme account founder, Josh Ostrovsky and Sebastian Bear-McClard’s friendship

Josh Ostrovsky, who founded the Fat Jewish meme account, attended the wedding ceremony of Bear-McClard but they are also very good friends. Peter McClard said during an interview that “In high school or shortly thereafter he met some friends and they had a rap group called Team Facelift and Sebastian was their official videographer,” adding “They were hilarious and talented and their frontman was the Fat Jew.

Sebastian and Emily Ratajkowski Relationship beginning

It was in 2018 when the rumors started spreading that the two were dating as they shared PDA on Valentine’s Day.  Since then, the couple made several public appearances at a number of events and even Ratajkowski shared pictures on Instagram with Sebastian.  About his wedding with Emily, Peter McClard said “We’re proud of him for settling down with Emily and what he’s done and about to do in his film career,” adding “He’s a good, caring guy and a great listener and people love working with him because he gets things done. Apparently, Emily loves him too.”

Reportedly, Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard are ending their marriage after the latter allegedly cheated on her. For more such updates do follow us only on

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